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what discounts and benefits can have owners Sims?

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Please answer, I can not understand.
I pay for my sim $ 295 per month. It is about L $ 18,300 a week.
But I see on the spot market price of L $ 18,900 a week and even if L $ 18,000 a week.
How can this be?
really beneficial owner sim rent it for 600 l $ in a week? This tiny money.
Or all sims at large real estate companies - only a grandfathed?
Perhaps more owners sims have special discounts?
Tell me - what discounts and benefits can have owners Sims?

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I am gonna take a stab at translation here. I think what he is saying is he owns a sim that he pays 18,300L for and he doesn't understand how people advertise sim rentals at only a 600 linden markup. Sounds like he wants to know if there is some discount he should be receiving or if there is a tier pricing these people were grandfathered in to.

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Hello Jebediah.

There are plenty of types of SIMS someone can rent and so the price could be different.

What you rent from LL is a private Region SIM that cost usd295 per month plus 10 dollars the premium membership.

There are also those which called Homesteads.. These are same size SIMS , but they support only 3750 prims and so they are cheaper to get them (usd100)


And then its Mainland.. ( My favorite land)

Mainland has been accused from people the last years and so has a really bad reputation as about lag (1rst myth) and as about bad neighboors (2nd myth)


I Will not stay here to defend Mainland against those Myths, but i will simply state that a Full SIM in Mainland cost usd195 as it appears here in this official link http://secondlife.com/land/pricing.php


Now as for why some estate Agents are offering a full SIM for L$15,000 or even i have seen for 13,500 its up on them and their decision to loose , or to give it on cost, for them own reasons.

(Note that when someone deed a parcel to a group , then they have a benefit small discount from LL - that makes the price goes lower aswell)

What the potential tenant has to be sure of is: The honesty of the landlord and not the price.

Because the way SL system is up for billing.. it encourages people to buy SIMS and then they try to cover and so they offer ridiculous cheap prices to get clients, but unfortunately they aren't paying the rent to LL  for the next month and so the lands go back to LL and the tenant stays back wondering: What happen? Why "my house disappear"?  " I have pay all my week"


That's my answer to your question.


I totally sympathise you as about the answers which accusing you for your bad syntax and your bad Grammar.

Its OK.. I did understand you! My language is the mother of all others, but it isn't English; And so i have been suffer all these years of my 2nd life from people who was laughing on me.. 

But as you can tell.. Today after all these years in virtual worlds. doesn't mutter if my English aren't the best.. 

I know way more that what those people who accusing us knows . Ha!

Let them laugh! You had your answer!

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Regular pricing on full 15000 prim regions is $295.00 US per month. Some land owners may still have regions grandfathered at 195.00 per month. That could account for the difference. If  you have a region, and it costs 295 a month that takes 76000 L$ to pay if you convert it over...roughly 19000 per week. Anyone selling a full region, for L$, at leas than that is either taking a loss, has grandfathered pricing, or has a large enough estate to offer discounts in one area which are covered in another.


Full mainland regions are also only 195.00. If you are paying that much on a mainland region, you are paying too much.

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it's not only that the big landlords rent out grandfathered or at costs rate, they do have a rebate on the monthly costs.

Compare it to big stores... the grocery at the corner of the street will never get the same price to buy his beans as one who buys a farmers field in total.

It's how our whole world works.

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Older sims are grandfathered at the $195US month rate.  If the sim is sold, it is no longer grandfathered.  This makes sense as many of the owners of these sims have paid tier for years on them.

For newer sims, the discount gets larger with more sims owned.  You have to own a lot of sims to get the discount. I was told once you have to own at least 20 sims to get the smallest discount.  However I take that with a grain of salt as  LL does not publish any information about this.

There is even one landowner that has such a large estate and has been a huge estate owner for so long that they have the privilege of running their sims on their own servers.  I am sure they still have to pay a tier, but it is probably substantially lower then even the best discount offered for multiple sims.

It makes sense to do this as many businesses give discounts to their best customers who buy a lot from

As far as benefits, all sim owners get conceirge service.  If very large estate owners get more, other than the discount, I've never heard. 

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I noticed something today that has me quite piqued. On mainland, one half sim is$125/mo, a full sim $195. An increase of $70. But, the tier on one and a half sims is $292.50 or $97.50 for the third half sim. I'm not the brightest bulb in the pack but this seeems like a penalty for owning more, not a discount!

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2374 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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