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How long must I put up with the stream in mp3?


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Let's chat about Music streaming into SL shall we?

1) SecondLife doesn't stream anything into the SL Virtual Worlds. It allows us to specify audio stream URL's from Radio Stations and DJ's to be programmed in on a parcel by parcel basis.

If you are a DJ or Event Music transmitter...

2) Now you are certainly free to encode and transmit your audio stream using a licensed accPlus V2 encoder. This is a wonderful encoder that does a great compression job and delivers high quality sound in a nice 64kbps sized stream. [it also can be streamed at a higher bandwidth for better dynamic range and to offload some of the CPU load while encoding.]

3) Your ShoutCast D.N.A.S. or Icecast service will accept and relay your stream to all your listeners.

4) SecondLife will decode and play your relayed stream using the SLPlugin module to your listener's PC Audio System just as it was designed to do. Further, your listeners may also choose to use a 3rd party program to listen to the stream like VLC or iTunes or even Windows Media Player. I do use this option when DJing as my show feedback monitor service into my Radio Station office.

Your listeners will hear your stream fine! And at the 64kbps stream bandwidth, it will sound wonderful if your sampling rate is sufficient. Those of us using the industry-wide classic (MP3 LAME) encoder need to stream at 128 mbps or better to come close that same perceived quality. [ Note: Your statement regarding MP3 encoding being terrible at 192kbps or better quality is mistaken and not supported by listener evaluations. The issue at that streaming speed [ =>192kbps ] is the ability of the listener to be able to enjoy SL and accept streaming at that bandwidth.]

** MP3 [Lame_Enc] & accPlus V2 are encoding technologies, both of which work fine.

So what exactly is your complaint?

~~ Do you want DJ's to use that encoding technology so you can listen to music here that streams at 64kbps? Well then chat with them.  Linden Lab has nothing to do with this. Oh please note that most DJ's use a free software solution to mix and stream their sets. I use a full version of SAM 4 and have access to a pool of licensed encoders including accPlus v2. Those other DJ's may not have the deep pockets to spend $300 USD or more to do this.

 ~~ Have you been to a club where the stream quality [to your ears] was less than perfect? That may be the DJ's fault. Good streaming starts with a great copy of the source material. I rip all my CD purchases at 320kbps. I also purchase my digital downloads at this size as well. Other DJ's [and I've done this as well] Will download song requests from YouTube. The quality of music form there varies widely. I do know of many who have their music collection only from places like this. The encoders can only work with the source material they are fed. Missing musical range can not be replaced at encoding time.

~~ Is your listening pleasure always diminished when listening to music where your stream information comes from SL? You may have issues with your PC's sound card / embedded sound system. Make sure your sound system drivers are up to date.


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Terionlord wrote:

How long must I put up with the stream in MP3?

When will it be possible to transmit in AAC Plus?

The Mp3 streams are of terrible quality even if they are transmitted at high bitrates like 192 or 128 kbps.
It is ridiculous to a product with years and millions of users
stand for this horrible quality of Mp3, because in SL does not work the AAC Plus.

Second Life Stopped in time

This is absurd !



You know something of broadcast?
If you can't stay silent.
You in silence is a poet

I am complaining about SL does not accept AAC Plus format transmissions.
only and nothing else.

The AAC codec plus get paid right?
ta answered why does not work in SL.

LL could acquire AAC Plus and make so that we can use in our lands and clubs.





Yes I am a poet, who told you?

Here's a poem for you.


Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Ignorance annoys me and so do you.


Have a nice day kind sir.

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