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So Linden Lab Wants Us All To Be Naked?

Perrie Juran

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Pussycat Catnap wrote:

Perrie Juran wrote:


So now Linden Lab has introduced a new standard of Measure,
  I had  never really looked at this till a recent comment prompted me to and was amazed by what I found.

Just  as in days of old, Linden Lab has chosen to color code the numbers, as your cost goes up, the colors change till until you are, gasp, IN THE RED ZONE!

. . .

So I thought to myself, lets try a nude beach.  And while the numbers decreased dramatically, most were still in the RED.

So soliciting the help of a friend I started looking at what was causing these high numbers.  Some of the most common and biggest culprits were Prim Shoes.  Shoes from some of the top designers were adding on average 40,000 and even more points.  Pieces of Jewelry would add 10,000 to 20,000 points.  Prim feet would add 30,000 to 40,000 points, hence the high numbers at the nude beach.  You can do your own tests to see what other things do.

So what is my point to all of this?

Linden Lab needs to get "real" about the issue of Avatar Render Weight.  Most of us want to look good in SL and the fact of the matter is you can not do it with out going into what Linden Lab has designated as THE RED ZONE.

I am SERIOUSLY LATE to this party (unless I posted a year ago).

But it looks like it was necro'd, and I think I have an idea of what you were seeing that I might not have had before...


Torus prims are VERY costly in graphics rendering. They are also very common in 3 places:

pre-mesh hair. pre-mesh shoes, pre-mesh jewelry.

I will get to the offenses of mesh in a moment, since I know you dislike mesh and this is one area we might agree in part... but lets cover these first.

People used to use toruses to achieve many complex shapes. I once took a whole class on doing it at NCI. We didn't know better - LLs didn't tell us. But we couldn't do better - there was no other solution save for sculpts... which are even worse offenders.

And of course... old shoes are often a combo of torus and sculpt... Flexi-toruses make up a lot of hair, laces, and so on.


First on the good for mesh: it can wipe out the need for a torus for any 'fixed item' (non flexi, non free-moving). That leaves you often just needing a cone or flat panel, no need for a torus.

So in theory - the best hair now would be a mesh base, and flexi cones or flat panels for the strands you wish to have waving about. No torus.


Render Weight is real - these older technologies DO lag people. Those Arc shamers of days gone by - they were partly right. The Arc measure was flawed, but the things people wore WERE causes of client-side lag as they taxed graphics cards.

And you can mostly blame, the torus. Followed by sculpties.


Followed by bad mesh.

And here we get to the part where anti-mesh people have a partial point. Just not the one they usually make.

Mesh doesn't restrict how many polygons people can load into what they upload. Load in thousands of vertices and polygons, and you pay more to upload it... it has higher land impact... but LLs won't say "no, that's too much" that I know of (my guess is there has to be some point where they will, but that point is too high).

- So there is a LOT of mesh right now using more polygons and vertices than it needs.

Bad 3D modellers - people who haven't had training in making models for real time graphics instead of for still art and movie animation - are even advertising the fact that they used more polygons than needed...


And that is amping up client side lag, as bad as toruses used to / still do...

I was semi surprised to see this necro'd.  I don't know what led Eduard to come across this thread but I get the idea he was trying to be humorous in his reply.

I am aware of all the bits and pieces that translate into "lag." 

For the record, I don't dislike Mesh.

What I dislike is that there is no mesh deformer (LL's fault) and I dislike when people act like Mesh is the god send thing that is going to save the grid.  It's this thinking that 'if it's mesh it's got to be good' that I hear more and more.


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2959 days.

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