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[VIDEO] Stop outfit conflicts, attach multiple objects to the same point!

Torley Linden


Ever been in an awkward situation where you wanted to wear several accessories at once, only to find that they all used the same attachment point? And wearing one detached another? ARGHHHH... WAIT! Before doing the old-skool "attach to a different point and manually reposition", you should definitely know that in Second Life Viewer 2.4, we've formally introduced MULTIPLE ATTACHMENTS TO THE SAME POINT. (The eagle-eyed among you know it's been in testing for longer.)

Heck yes.

What this means is you can "stack" objects on any attachment point, as long as the total # of attachments your avatar is wearing is 38 or less. This video shows you a very practical situation many of you lady avatars can relate to: how to deal with when jewelry tries to attach to the same slot as your dress.


Gotta be glam for your big night out, yeah? Special thanks to Nyx Linden, a master of multi-wearables, for confirming facts!

For more details,

check out the "multiple attachments" help page

See something missing? I encourage you to fill in more useful info! Like inworld content, Second Life help is Resident-powered, and I'm here to inspire you to discover your power of self-expression.


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Really.. this is the function I wanted in 2006. And I'm so glad this feature is finally here.

Ever had a no-modify item attach to your pelvis? are you a neko who wears prim skirts and a tail, and maybe wants to attach something else down there? (a belly button piercing, a belt, or some naughty bits?) Now you can, and you don't have to link things together and hope that they'll work together.

Combined with outfit shortcuts.. no-mod attachments and no-copy items are no longer the major impediments they once were. This feature is so awesome.


Now.. Torley.. how do we go about getting a "Neck/Throat" attachment point? It's the only bone in the avatar skeleton that you can't attach things to. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-20233

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You didn't have to undress to put 38 boxes on your hand...

Will this whatshallwecallit also go for HUDS? I'ts cool to clutter up the screen.

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Finally I can wear 2 layer tatoos at the same time, and the face light with my nose pircing and lashes.

It's a great feature, Ilove it.

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Theoretically it's great. Only very bad thing is, users with Viewer 1 (and viewer 1 based viewers), can't see all attachements. They can only see the last attached one. :-(

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Which is just another reason people should be upgrading to Viewer 2. It's been improved a lot, and there's really no good reasons left to not upgrade.

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The only real argument for using an old viewer, that has any teeth at all is that Viewer 2 doesn't allow access to the "legacy search" system. Unfortunately, while that search system was superior in terms of search results and relevancy.. the fact is that the system was overburdening LL's servers. The new system does not.. but it also doesn't provide the same "quality" of search results.

The remaining issues.. c'mon people.. it's been nearly a year since Viewer 2 was released.. it's time to get with the program. Every one of you that holds out, is keeping content creators from making awesome new content using multi-attach, multiple clothing layers, tattoos, alpha masks, shared media, and whatever else LL has released since February 2010.

It takes a few more clicks.. and yes some things have changed.. there are a very VERY few things you could do with 1.23.5 that you can't do with 2.4.. but the amount of things you can do with 2.4 that you can't do with 1.23.5 is getting longer every day.

More and more third party viewers are also implementing these features.. so if you can't see or use multi-attachments, and you can't wear the new clothing layers.. ask yourself this: how much are you missing out on today? and how much will you miss out on tomorrow?

Viewer 1.23.5 won't be able to see meshes either.

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To winter Ventura Yes the gulf divide is getting larger between V2 and 1.23 but this is a very intresting development that has been introduced by making V2 primary It actually depends how users use this platform and shows that their is a much wider intrest other than graphics and avatars wearing attachments should be intresting to see what a mesh looks like on 1.23 hehe I pesonally could live with seeing a mesh as even grey goo prims because 1.23 is quick easy and simply does the job that suits my pesonal use of this platform even black and white graphics i wouldnt mind.  After saying that I am really trying to adopt the new veiwer for the sake of progress but cannot re educated the right side of my brain with the side bar ect 1.23 is perfect having spent a few hour on your PC windows 1.23 is just like windows but V2 pop ups are all over the place its hard work but I will keep trying 15mins a day on V2.

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Nice! Torley, could not the user just type the attachment point's name into search inventory? Say like "right hand".  I'm working on a project, so i can't log in to check.

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My advice is to uninstall all other viewers, and go cold turkey with V2 for 2 weeks.

Honestly, I'm such a big fan of alpha masks and the tatto layer and multi-wearables.. I couldn't stand to use Viewer 1.23.5 for more than 10 minutes.

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Temp/local textures, build math, AO and object area search, just off the top of my head. I really miss the outfit shortcuts, though, and the multi-layers and attachments are also killer.

I agree that there is little point in staying on the LL 1.23, though.

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it's time to get with the program.

Perhaps LL should get with the program and and provide some of the features which have proven immensely popular in TPVs. Not having to give up useful tools would help the adoption immensely.

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Perhaps LL should get with the program and and provide some of the features which have proven immensely popular in TPVs.


Maybe you missed these?

  • multi-attachments (inspired by TPV secondary attachment points)
  • alpha masks (inspired by TPV "hide avatar" functions)
  • double-click to teleport (inspired by TPVs)
  • agent height displayed in shape editor (not quite finished yet, but it's progress)
  • teleport history
  • support for external script editors
  • sit-down right where you're standing (inspired by AO's)
  • align textures across multiple prim surfaces
  • double-click to wear
  • built-in google translation for local chat

And there seem to be lots more, on the way. Got a favourite third-party function that you think would make an excellent addition to the official viewer? Find a Jira issue for it, or create one, and post the link here.. and I'll vote for it. I'm sure others would too.

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Actually, there are tons more.

  • every menu is undockable (I like undocking the upload options when uploading animations)
  • can choose which utilities you want to show in the top and bottom bars (too bad we don't have the same options with the sidebar)
  • copy/paste feature (even tho, now, it is almost impossible to find a place you can highlight and copy some1's name, don't ask me why)
  • browser features (I hated them at first, but I find them quite handy now)
  • sorting options and extra inventory window (OMG, these I love to use)

There are many other little things that make V2 nice to use. Oh, don't get me wrong, there are still things that bother me. As each new viewer build comes out, that sidebar keeps proving itself to be a useless concept, yet LL keeps holding onto it. Now, profiles are moved to a webpage window, so what is the point of the profile tab in the sidebar now?

I still have no idea where to put my IM window tho. It's constantly in the way. Just wish it worked like V1.

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Darien Caldwell  says in response to Suzan Littlething:

Which is just another reason people should be upgrading to Viewer 2. It's been improved a lot, and there's really no good reasons left to not upgrade.


Actually.. Phoenix was supporting this a little bit earlier as the official 2.x viewer... I tried 2.x last week and it still makes me want to log off in a few minutes to get back on phoenix

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Some people would love to use a V2 based viewer but Linden Labs locked out all the PPC based Macs with V2.  It's only Intel based.  So I can't upgrade no matter what.  So it's not a matter of time, it's a matter of being able to log into Second Life or not. If V2 was Universal, like most responsible programers do, then I would have upgraded a long time ago along with many others I know.

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  • Lindens

@Winter I continue to be glad you followup and call out longtime hopes that have actually happened. This is no longer on a Duke Nukem timeline and — good gosh, that neck point, yeah, it's weird a lot of neck-y things like necklaces get attached to Chest or Spine, since that doesn't quite match common positional expectations. I don't know if/when that will happen.

@Medhue Yup, that's a good trick to search where you're wearing something (one of my alltime faves). Thanks for bringing that up — it's just confusing that you have to switch tabs from My Appearance to My Inventory, but we're been discussing future ways to better structure outfit editing.

@wolffang Go to Me menu > Preferences, click Chat tab, UNCHECK Play typing animation when chatting. Another classic fave of mine, maybe I should do a reminder tip.

@Sunder I don't know what % of Residents are on PPC, but on a parallel Mac thread, we made the decision to discontinue Panther (OS X 10.3) support awhile back just because so few people used it and we had to move forward for easier compatibility testing. http://bit.ly/es3exo Also from Apple's vantage, Snow Leopard doesn't support PPC, so in that sense, it's a matter of time and I do hope you find an upgrade path that works for you!

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Thanks for your quick response.

I haven't used Panther in ages.  I'm on 10.4 Tiger and will be on 10.5 Leopard in a few days.  Only the last Mac OS, Snow Leopard, doesn't support PPC, all the rest do.  So the decision to not support Panther really has nothing to do with this.  There are soo many Macs out there that are PPC and cannot run Snow Leopard.  I can't understand why you would lock out what's really the majority of all the Macs.  Intel Macs are recent, and Snow Leopard (the only one that is Intel only and doesn't support PPC) only came out a few months before Windows 7.  How many versions of Windows OSs do you support with V2? I'm sure Windows 7 isn't the only OS on the Windows side that you support.  It's a shame that you are turning your backs on all PPC based Macs.  My computer is fast and so is the graphics card.  I use it to edit and convert HD video using some high end program suites.  I thought Second Life was an open community, not a closed one that's open to just the most recent hardware.  You are forcing many users to quit SL.  It's a bummer cause I have put a lot of money into SL, have bought lots of lindens. And I get stuck on your first Viewer.

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@wolffang Go to Me menu > Preferences, click Chat tab, UNCHECK Play typing animation when chatting. Another classic fave of mine, maybe I should do a reminder tip.

If you do do a follow-up.. be sure to make note that at some point, LL fixed the "scripts can't detect typing if typing animation is disabled" issue. I don't remember when it was fixed.. but I know way back in the annuls of time, if you disabled the typing animation (and the clicketyclack sound), any scripted "typing AO device" you might have had, wouldn't work, because as far as LSL was concerened.. if the animation wasn't playing, you weren't typing.

This did indeed get fixed.. and nowadays you can safely turn off the typing animation (and sound) and still make use of a typing AO instead.

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Once I tried viewer 2.x from the start, I got addicted to Viewer 2.x. I would never go back to viewer 1.x. Even with shared media, sidebar, and more recently, display names (Though Phoenix viewer took advantage of display names), and now multiple attachments, I never switch back to viewer 1.x because I'M ADDICTED TO VIEWER 2.x!

As for multiple attachments, it's kinda cool, as I monitor the speed, the region stats, and let me notify on updates to the Second Life grid status via http://status.secondlifegrid.net, and let me know about who's nearby, and tells me the region name when I cross region borders or when I teleport to another region or when I am close to the region border, so I can be cautious.

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@Elite: I cannot help but notice that a lot of what you like being able to do with multiple attachment spots is exactly the sort of functionality third party viewers have built in, so you don't need to run scripted attachments for it.

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