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  1. Looking for skin designer for a youth group on a private grid. Must be pg skins (having either bathing suits or underwear painted on the skins ) Contact Boaz Sands if you are interested.
  2. Try Avilion, they have a really nice group of people many sims with tons of activities both rp and combat. They offer classes in combat, have parties, classes for many rp roles/activities. See their calendar here https://www.google.com/calendar/embed?src=avilionevents@gmail.com&ctz=America/Los_Angeles&gsessionid=OK
  3. Hi Kandee, I think the Elven Forest (blossom sim ) has the dryad meeroos you are looking for. I saw some at the market there
  4. Thanks so much Ziggy. I dont know how it got unchecked but that seemed to fix the problem.
  5. For some reason I no longer see animated textures, all I see are prims that have tiny pictures of the multiple images used to create the animated texture. I dont know if I have inadvertently turned off some option on my viewer or what. I have tried every viewer I have (v1, v2, v3) and I still have the problem. Can someone suggest settings that might fix my problem? Thanks in advance to anyone who offers to help
  6. Rear sargents at arms ready for inspection
  7. When they say it cannot be copy AND transfer they mean that you can make it mod/copy OR you can make it trans only OR mod/trans OR you can make it copy only......They just DON'T want you to make it copy/trans OR full perms
  8. by my calculations at the cheapest tier cost of 195US a month, a person renting out land trying to just cover their tiers would have to charge you 3.38L per prim so if you are only willing to pay 200L a month then that would get you about 60 prims to play with. If you find any deals better than that the owner of the sim is losing money. But hey if you can find a deal that offers you tons of prims for 200L a month please let me know and I will rent from them too
  9. I use excel. I just download my transactions then open them in excel. I am able to sort by multiple criteria and analyze all my sales.
  10. I have the same issue. It shows I have payment info on file and says I have completed tutorial yet it doesnt say I am approved or registered yet. Can you please fix mine too?
  11. If you want a mesh reference you might want to try makehuman. http://sites.google.com/site/makehumandocs/download it is a free open source tool for making 3d characters. Oh and it will be interesting to see how some rig the "extra parts" as it does provide mesh for that too lol
  12. I spoke with a representative of Daz and was told that usage of any of their mesh or other vendor mesh on their site is strictly prohibited in any realtime virtual environment unless you have a professional gaming license. I am working with a non profit group to make a machinama. I was told that I could use one of their models in a standalone unity setting to make the film for the non profit group but couldnt use any of the models in a real time multiuser environment without the developer gaming license. All that being said I still expect we will see Daz models on the grid. It will be inte
  13. As a merchant, I have always included the picture in my items as well as a LM to my main shop. As a consumer, I highly recommend including the LMs AND the pictures. I get so frustrated when I want to go back to shop at a place I got something I really liked and cant find the LM. Having the LM handy in the folder also allows me to easily drop the LM on someone who asks me where I purchased the item.
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