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Fresh Fashion Guest Blogger Whimsy Winx - Virtually Spring

Linden Lab


Watching the fashion scene for five years in Second Life has been fun and interesting. Many stores have developed into virtual fashion houses, with lines showing a particular influence in terms of cut, embellishment and color. There really isn't a difference between a line from one of these houses and a line debuting at fashion week in real life. In each case, the designs can vary from season to season, bringing about new looks — some that show trends in real life, others that set their own.

Spring in SL - Whimsy Winx.png

Other stores have taken a different route, with content that is — while fashion forward — less “fashion house.” Similar to stores you might see at your local shopping mall, or on a street of boutiques, these are filled with items that run from businesswear to casual separates. Just as in real life, many cater to certain popular style genres, which range from bohemian to hip-hop culture. A wide variety of stores cater to particular lifestyles and role-play, providing more genres, from historical eras to retro-futurism. Part of the lifestyle segment includes avatars that can range from cybernetic appendage replacements to cute, tiny raccoons. I count all these as fashion — as fashion is how we choose to represent ourselves to others and identify with/within a group. This is were it gets more interesting — in the communities that support these!

Second Life is such a diverse place — where anyone’s needs can be met and where you can find kindred spirits and new ways to express your inner self. There is so much to do and explore, as well as amazing creations and mini worlds within. While I love the steady flow of new seasonal lines from stores, the base of seasonal fashion is something that really creates a solid foundation for much of Second Life. What’s really interesting is that despite the global diversity of residents, the trends seem to follow the seasons of the Northern Hemisphere. This need for nature, and the rotation of the seasons, are strong pulls in this virtual environment — it drives exploration, shopping, and creation. Regardless of where we log in, and what surrounds us in our real lives, we look forward to this passing of time inworld, the seasons it brings, what transpires — and what inspires.


Bio: Whimsy Winx has spent the past five years exploring, and shopping her way through Second Life, as featured on her blog, Virtually Dressed. She's also co-owner of the Fashion Emergency group, a chatty group to provide help to fellow residents with fashion advice, finds and camaraderie. She also creates home and garden items for her store, W. Winx. Whimsy has served on the Hair Fair committee since 2009, and was co-builder in 2011, and 2012.



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