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Fresh Fashion Guest Blogger Thalia Heckroth - March To Your Own Beat: Be a Fashionista Rebel!

Linden Lab



Spring rocks casual with effortless chic. Mesh is a season must-have! A perfect pairing is the very hip, slinky mesh jeans (free gift) with Opium´s latest release, Steampunk Jacket, in a sand tone, giving it a modern twist. Earrings are also from Opium, enhancing the look in conjunction with Emo-tions new hair. Don’t forget to add a spring flair to daytime with Diktator’s new Obey Spine heels.


Styling Card:

Jeans: Slink - Mesh (Free Gift)
Hair: Emo-tions: Windblown III
Earrings and Jacket: Opium - Indian Biker Earrings and Steampunk jacket
Boots: [Diktator]-OBEY "SPINE HEELS BOOTIE "

Bio: Thalia Heckroth was born in Second Life on May 30, 2007. She is the owner of the Ciudad de Mexico Sim, The Magazine and the Miss America Latina pageant, as well as other social groups and publications. Thalia enjoys bringing together the finest designers to keep the Second Life community updated with the latest fashion trends.
Website:  http://thaliaheckroth.com/
Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ciudaddemexico/
Collaborates in: Très Chic , Fashion Forward in SL , MAD Image .



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