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[VIDEO] Cornucopia o' usability improvements in Viewer 2.2

Torley Linden


Fall is upon and so's Second Life Viewer 2.2! As highlighted in Esbee's post, Viewer 2.2 brings more of the "little stuff that makes a big difference".

In this video, I show you some of the tweaks that could/should very well find themselves into your daily Second Life — from common-sense button bar reordering to Mini-Map improvements — all so you can get on and enjoy.


Don't forget to check out our Release Notes for more details. Many of the 2.2 changes are linked to Bug Tracker issues with explanations, to help you understand the "story" behind why and how something got fixed.


Recommended Comments

Right click on the mini-map and notice the addition of a configuration option to disable auto-center.  This goes with the new ability to pan the mini-map.

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It sure would have been a great viewer for Mac users too, except that anti-aliasing is broken for all users.  For many, the viewer actually defaults to turning on the broken AA and the incompatible FBO settings, which result in a VERY garbled screen that can only be un-garbled after playing with debug settings (set RenderFSAASamples to 0, or enable the Development menu and choose Development -> Rendering and uncheck FBO).  In the meantime, Mac users should not download this version.

The video shows the problem as it exists in both the beta and release version, hopefully it will get fixed soon.

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AA works, you just have to fool with it. Disable it in the hardware menu, then change another option so you get the apply button, relog, enable it at whatever setting you use (I use 2x), change another setting so you get an apply button, relog. It should then be working.

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@Ardy Thanks for sharing that followup, right-click the Mini-Map has long been worth mentioning for extra options.

@TriloByte Mac user here too, I got garbled — thanks for calling attention to this.

@Heath I haven't tried that yet, anyone else had success?

@Calica Not like in 1.23, alas, but I used to thrive on that mode!

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