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  1. Will any Linden Lab employees be taking this course?
  2. I don't have any control over who quotes or responds to me, including you. There is a way to turn off the email notifications. It is under Your Stuff -> Profile -> Manage email notifications. It will need to be reset every time you post to the thread.
  3. Not a problem for me. Neither is privacy. I'm not hiding anything. It isn't going to bother me at all if full disclosure is required to use Second Life. I think it will improve the business climate and the neighborhood.
  4. You can have as many bank accounts as you want each one connected to a different PayPal account. I have two. You can divide your income between as many alts as you want to keep it under the $10,000 ceiling. You just don't have much imagination is all.
  5. There is potential for abuse of income reporting in SL through the use of alt accounts, collectives and schemes to use inworld payment to escape taxes on real world goods and services. This is a new area and it may take the tax man a little while to sort it out. There aren't very many people in virtual worlds yet so they haven't attracted much attention. But it is obvious that someone could divide their income among a group of alts and pretend no one alt made a taxable amount. It's clear consortiums could be set up to launder money for real world services to avoid taxes. Maybe no one has
  6. Toysoldier, I see what you mean. Where I think the distiction starts to blur is where more money becomes involved. So far most of the money changing hands in virtual worlds is tiny amounts, micro transactions. But when the income increases to wage level full time jobs, the tax man is going to want to get involved. Anyone who wants a real job is going to need to produce real identification. There will be schemes to try to screen that information through third parties and terms of service and so on. But I think that online privacy will continue to be challenged by legalities. Money and co
  7. Sounds like marketing BS to me. Rod Humble is a public person. You can easily find his biography and photograph online. You could probably find his home address and phone number without much effort. He may have an alt, but he doesn't have any privacy. The catch with privacy is that you can't make any money anonymously. You have to show some ID or you will not get paid. And that is becoming more the case, not less. Now you have to show proof of citizenship. You have to file tax returns and be present for tax audits when asked. You want to get paid, you have to take off the mask.
  8. I'm not the one you would need to convince in this scenario. It would be a major entertainment company or someone like that considering an interest SL. That could impact how Linden Lab evaluates its image, what kind of a business it wants to look like, what kind of neighborhood it wants to belong in, and what kind of customers it wants. If they consistently act like they don't really want someone's business, maybe they don't, is all I am saying. Same thing happened to educators. LL doubled the cost of land in effect telling educators they didnt really want their business. They hav
  9. You can pretend you don't understand the existence of zoning restrictions if you want to. That's immaterial. What matters in this context is how Linden Lab sees it. Do they think selling live webcam shows from their platform negatively impacts other potential business or not? What are their tradeoffs? We can only guess, and wait and see. And in any case, this is all off the topic of communications. We should probably drop it.
  10. I think you are wrong. Zoning is a big deal in the real world because it has a real impact on business and tax revenue. Businesses care a lot about who their neighbors are and how their neighbors reflect on them. They care about how their neighbors' customers reflect on them, too.
  11. live webcam shows? That's what you are selling in Second Life?
  12. Gavin, I know for sure it would make some people very angry if I pointed out that some of what is being created and sold in Second Life probably drives away other types of potential business. If that is the case, it might make sense to ease out business that has limited or maxed out value to make way for other business that is believed to have greater value. I'm willing to wait and see how it goes.
  13. Cherry, maybe they don't. That is the conclusion some here have already come to - Linden Lab has made the decision to risk losing certain customers.
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