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  1. Took me a while but I found the controls to enable a joystick in Viewer 3. They are under Move and View in the Preferences dialog. Click the Other Devices button at the bottom to open the Joystick Configuration panel.
  2. Anybody else having problems with attaching HUDs in the new SL viewer?
  3. Thanks, Baloo. I will see if I can do that. I have also noticed it seems to help to clear the cache before every time you start SL. I have this working sporatically, like three out of four tries, with the latest nVidia 555M driver from their website (280.26). I have the nVidia settings configured to run the nVidia GPU only rather than the onboard Intel.
  4. NVIDIA 555M is having trouble running Second Life on some laptops with a second onboard GPU. I hope they will fix it, soon.
  5. Yeah, but what is the difference between Maya and 3ds Max? It has been said that either is fine, but why are there two products from the same company at the same price? The product descriptions from Autodesk don't make the differences clear. The discussion here does not mention any differences between the two either.
  6. NVIDIA 555M GPU driver installed on high end laptops is not working with SL. Older drivers give a very low frame rate, fps < 10. The most recent driver available from NVIDIA (280.26) won't run SL at all. Does anyone have news on when this is going to be fixed? (Please someone say it is already fixed and ready to download.) ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Still looking for a resolution to this and will post if I get one. Dell in particular is going to be hearing a lot from me since they took $2500 from me for a laptop I can't use. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 10-03-2011 I
  7. It looks like Maya and 3ds Max do about the same thing and they cost the same amount. Can anybody tell me what the differences between them are and which is better for making stuff for SL? Thanks. **** 090911 7:02p Thanks everyone for the advice. I do intend to use this software for professional purposes. I would like to know what differences there are between Maya and 3ds Max that have influenced people to buy one or the other.
  8. I have this problem too. I have been talking with Dell support about it and do not have a resolution yet. The latest drivers from nvidia 280.26 make it worse btw. It will run great (FPS about 60) the first time you start SL then not run at all after that. The most recent from Dell is 268.30. That one runs but with FPS about 6 I really hope this gets fixed soon.
  9. Tommi, another issue I discovered with Lighting and Shadows in current versions of Viewer 2 is that objects with alpha textures may become completely invisible when that box is checked. I have seen this in particular with plants.
  10. Will any Linden Lab employees be taking this course?
  11. Textures are still really hosed and displaying incorrectly. Prims with alpha textures don't become completely invisible with the fix mentioned, but the textures are not applied to the correct surfaces. They seem to apply to all surfaces on a linked set at once.
  12. oh, that little button down there. I thought I had seen it somewhere. Thanks.
  13. You are not the only one having this problem with the most recent Viewer updates. I am looking for solutions to this also. Objects that become invisible just after they are rezzed may or may not pop back into view later. I think I am seeing this only with objects that contain an alpha texture such as plants. I don't have time to try to debug Linden Lab software or track down solutions other users may have posted in their Jira bug database. It's really frustrating that the forced updates of the official Viewer keeps breaking so many things. You just can't trust this mess to work on any gi
  14. There is no Me->Preferences->Hardware. There is only Me->Preferences->General, Graphics, Sound&Media, Chat, Move&View, Notifications, Colors, Privacy, Setup, and Advanced.
  15. The latest version of the SL viewer 2.8.1 is crashing every few minutes for me. I don't have any connection problems or issues with my hardware. Re-booting the system doesn't help. Clearing the cache doesn't help. The problem is SL, either their viewer, their servers or both.
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