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  1. I laud the push. I hope this means that we will see less of the "Resolved - Will Not Fix," in the jira. Please, let's work on improving the customer service, to the point that it's actually a service, again. Who knows? I may even go back to premium, if you start listening to us. I hope to have a more positive outlook in the future. Please help me towards that goal. 8-) Edit: Please don't forget that SL is a luxury for more than a few of us, not a necessity.
  2. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-22826?focusedCommentId=232576#comment-232576 because really... it all comes down to what matters to residents, right? or are you just a hatchet man? and yes, I'm the optimistic twin.
  3. Can we look at more than one profile at a time?
  4. essentially, 2.0 has decided that if you want to send someone something, you must also want to talk to them, so the Share button (found in the gear menu, if you click their name in chat) opens up a window that functions as a multipurpose portal to whomever. Alternately, if they're there with you, you can just slide it to their AV, as always. if it's in your friends list, you can highlight their name, in the sidebar, then look straight down to the very bottom of the sidebar (you might even call it _below_)and select share or IM or whatever. Hope this helps. and there's a tweak to put an invo button at the bottom, again, to open another invo window. if you want it, I have it on a notecard, and I can send it to you. just IM me. good luck
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