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Guest Games blogger: Sweegy Manilow

Linden Lab



1. Neo-Realms Fishing is one of the very first games in SL! Yet, it remains quite popular. What inspired you to develop the game originally?

I joined Second Life in 2004 because it sounded like a cool place to create games without having to do a lot of the complex graphics coding that would be required on any other platform. I was an avid fisher in other MMORPGs at the time, and my friends and I thought that Second Life needed a fishing game too! It turned out Second Life was in fact a great place to make games, and after a few months of development the first version of the fishing game was up in December 2004!

2. How has it changed over the years?

In 2004, fishing started as a game where players packed together in a sim while their rods talked to a local buoy that ran the game, but over the past 7 years, Neo-Realms Fishing has evolved with 5 major updates into a global fishing system. Nowadays fishers can participate in daily global tournaments and minigames at any fishing location on the grid, enjoy a personalized fishing page on our web servers where they can track their real-time rod stats and catches, join fishing leagues and more!

One thing that has not changed over the years is the awesome community surrounding the game. We still have many fishers that were here near the beginning. It is our community of wonderful fishers that really keeps fishing going!

3. How many types of fish are there to catch? Any secret or rare types of fish?

There are 5 different categories of fish to catch, plus quest items. In all there are about 450+ fish and other items to catch, plus custom fish that the community has created and distribute at their own fishing locations. In addition to fish and quest pieces we have fishing charms that grant xp to your rods, reward points that can be traded in for prizes like arcade tickets, and XP crystals that have the chance of triggering global double XP days for all locations.

There are several super rare fish that only spawn at certain times, or are only
available if other fish are not available. Our highest tier of fish, the Super Epics, are only available with special Super Bait that has to be won or earned via quests and rewards.

We also have a fishing quest where the reward is a "Spawnometer" that tells you if some of our rare fish are available or not.

4. How does one get on the “leaderboard” to show off their accomplishments?

To make it on the leaderboard, all one has to do is place in an official Neo-Realms tournament. Official tournaments are global tournaments run at a certain time every week with guaranteed prize money. We have run over 10,300 official tournaments since fishing started!

We also track lots of individual achievements on our Hall of Fame page, where super rare catches, highest rod scores and the latest daily best catches and minigame scores can be found.

For fishers who are more team-oriented, we also run the Neo-Realms Team Fishing League. Players compete in 2v2 matches over the course of a season, with prizes going to the league victors. Our past team leaderboards are available at tfl.neorealms.net

Other ways of showing off their accomplishments in-world include Achievement Hats, which display fishing badges earned by completing achievements.

5. Explain the “Gold Camps” concept and how other locations can participate.

Gold camps are a premium service that expand the features of the standard fishing camp. With Gold Camps, we offer a higher commission rate on sales (25%) as well as our popular mini-games with a ton of daily prizes for the winners provided by Neo-Realms. These minigames include Crabbing, Depth Charger, FishGolf, Simwide Small/Medium/Best Catch, and our newest minigame: Clamming!

Gold camps are also entered into a twice-daily drawing for XP Happy Hours which grant double XP bonuses for catches to their sim for an hour.  Gold owners are also eligible to host Global Fishing Tournaments based in their sim, which acts as a central hub for all fishers to register and receive prizes during the competition.

Our Gold Camps are a great way to draw traffic to an area with contests and prizes run by Neo-Realms that take place around the clock.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions about Neo-Realms Fishing please contact Sweegy Manilow or visit our website at fish.neorealms.com
Visit Neo-Realms inworld here.


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