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Zombie Sims: Community Conversations

Linden Lab



Wondering where the inspiration behind your favorite Zombie sims comes from? Want to know where they got that amazing spooky texture? Get answers from the sim creators here! Ask questions in the comments. Swap and share your favorite zombie tales, locations and more creepy stuff.


From Hartigan Beck, creator of Miho's Zombie attack:


1. What is your inspiration? Where do you get your ideas?

For the last three years, I have built increasingly large and more elaborate haunted houses for Halloween. Last year's “Editor's Picks” featured the haunted house as “Ghoul's Manor.” The zombie room got the best response from visitors, so I thought it would be fun to build a zombie village. My concept was to have a “normal town” setting that was taken over by zombies.

2. Where can visitors buy the things they see on your sim — i.e. favorite zombie stuff/creators inworld (or on Marketplace)?

MacGyver Serdyuk is the creator of my zombies, which are very low-lag and have customizable features. He has a vendor just outside the entrance to the village.

3. What is the objective of your sim  — i.e. your vision?  

I wanted to create a free-form, fun zombie shooting place with as few rules and guidelines as possible. I like the idea of allowing others to structure their game as they wish. I try to appeal to kids and casual shooters by offering a safe, PG environment. Many shooters like the constancy of the village design, and have favorite spots to shoot. They also seem to enjoy the lack of danger — I allow shooters to stand on roofs, fly above the village, etc. This setting is different from the more intense sims, where there are complex mazes, damage, etc. That said, I also have contests every week with L$1500 purses to involve the more competitive shooters. I try to keep the competition friendly by having small gradations in the prizes. To keep the game fresh, I also have themed “indoor arenas” that I switch every 2 to 3 weeks, often with their own contests. Themes include medieval castles, Western towns, warehouses, nuclear plants — and now, a haunted house. I have appointed officers to help police the region for violators, who are warned if possible before being banned.

4. Are you doing anything special for Halloween?

I have built a three-level Haunted House. The lower level has traditional Halloween themes. The upper level is a zombie shooting area, where zombies glow in the dark among countless skeletons. The middle area is a maze with constantly moving walls. Visitors who successfully navigate the maze are rewarded with a free boxed custom house. I am participating in Carolyn Avro’s “Top Second Life Haunted Places,” which will list my Haunted House as part of a “tour.”

5. How long have you been in Second Life, and what is your favorite thing about it?  

I have been here since April 2007. I have enjoyed building, and now the free-form creativity of making a game that others enjoy.

6. Do you have other recommendations about other zombie locales and your favorite stuff to do in-world?

I've been too busy with my own region to visit many other zombie areas. I would encourage people to find an activity that they enjoy, and become good at it.


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