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Highlights from the Second Life Destination Guide 02/19/2016

Xiola Linden


We promise to make your Cupid comedown pleasant and as gentle as can be. If you’re still in the mood for love you can still drop by the Isle of View and visit the gifting kiosk all proceeds will be matched and donated to The Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. Send chocolates, bears, all kinds of nice things to the important people in your Second Life. You can do so up until the end of the month!

Valentine’s Day aside the Second Life Destination Guide team has been busy investigating the treasure trove of destinations submitted to the Guide. Below you will find a small sampling of events and places to visit when you next login to Second Life. Why wait? There’s a whole event dedicated to hair, gorgeous scenic spots to wander, and tons of fun to stumble into let’s go!

We’ll see you inworld!

Take lots of pics maybe enter them in the Leap into Love Snapshot Contest for a chance to win or share them on our Official Second Life Flickr page!


Flower Power 2016

Celebrate the '70s in style at Flower Power 2016, a special designer event held through Feb. 26 in Second Life.

Visit in Second Life



Advent Hollow

Experiments went wrong. It had the whole town fleeing. But now, there’s life again. Things have changed for this sleepy town. Yes, locals have returned...but they've returned to a town that is shrouded in mystery and danger. No one is to be trusted. More at adventhollow.com.

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Bad Hair Day? Hairology is a monthly hair event that opens the 10th of every month and closes on the 30th. Some of the greatest hair designers feature their latest creations in this shopping event that features new styles every month. Come on down and try those cute demos!

Visit in Second Life




Experience the natural beauty of Netherwood, an outdoor retreat inspired by the picturesque English Lake District. Explore this romantic photogenic countryside and lake with friends or loved ones. Watch the local wildlife and maybe get a few nice photos while you are there.

Visit in Second Life




The region Everlong is a place that invites each visitor to celebrate different moments of their life.Feel free to come, pull out your camera and enjoy your moments here.

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Whimsical: An Inspired Event

Whimsical is an inspired event with some of grid's top custom mesh designers. Set in a beautiful garden, you can find newly inspired mesh offerings in gachas, limited edition items and new releases with a special discount for the event. Sponsoring designers include Reign, CandyDoll, Fawny, Truth, Besom, Gabriel, Artisan Fantasy, Cerberus Xing and many more! Event held Feb. 18 through March 3.

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A free-to-breed, breedable pet game on SL brought to you by the creators of The Fennux. Come meet the Fawns! They're fluffy and cute and waiting for you on our sim.

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Dynamic System Brazilian (DSB) Combat

The Dynamic System Brazilian (DSB) is a popular combat system used in many RPG areas in Second Life. More info at dsbcombate.com/rpg.

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Nox Arcanus

Explore your dark side...but be respectful or be exiled.

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Heaven and Hell in London

London is home to all sorts of fun. Heaven and Hell is the London theme this spring. Come and take part in competitions, hunts, games, events and all sorts of community fun in London. See what's waiting for you here today - there's a big friendly community waiting for your arrival!

Visit in Second Life



Baja Sands

Take in the sights and sounds of Baja Sands in this nostalgic, retro environment. Explore with friends or loved ones the sandy shores of this romantic photogenic beach. Don't forget your camera!

Visit in Second Life



Old World Blues Cafe

Grab a comfortable chair or take a seat at the counter and relax at this quaint cafe filled with the sounds of the blues.

Visit in Second Life


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