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Inaugural Month of Machinima event kicks off in May

Courtney Linden


The Linden Endowment of the Arts (LEA) is proud to announce its first official community event:  The Month of Machinima (MoM) event begins May 4, 2011—and you’re invited. If you enjoy creating and watching world-class machinima, then this is the event for you.

The objective of the event is to promote Second Life machinima, encourage the creation of new work, and showcase existing work to the community and beyond. It serves as an opportunity to introduce Residents to the machinima art form and to support the machinima community to continue to create these films for everyone to enjoy. MoM is a recurring event, continuing each month with juried screenings of community-created machinima.
About the LEA 
The LEA is currently accepting machinima submissions (by April 10) for consideration in the next month’s screening. The purpose of the LEA is to help create a center of arts activity in Second Life. The LEA is committed to providing access to engaging experiences in the arts for the Second Life community. Through its exhibitions, programs, and events, the LEA fosters awareness of artists’ contributions to our virtual world and encourages others to get involved and inspired. 
Interested in participating? You can learn more about MoM and apply to have your machinima included in the event here. 
This is the first of many upcoming events and programs to be produced by the LEA and its dedicated board of artists and arts enthusiasts from the Second Life community, so stay tuned!



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