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Finding Land in Second Life

Brett Linden




Imagination will take you everywhere. But, in Second Life, finding a place to create and build isn't always so easy. In fact, it can even be a bit stressful if you aren't prepared or lack knowledge about how land works.

Before you take the plunge to acquire your own land for a dream home, business, club or art project, it might be helpful to read what one independent blogger has to say about the process.
Second Life resident Apollo Manga recently created a useful series of blog posts to address the various steps and potential pitfalls in acquiring land within Second Life. In his multi-part series for Examiner.com, Manga weighs the pros and cons of getting land on the "mainland" vs. a "private region." 
For example, did you know that you don’t have to be a paying Second Life member to acquire land in a private region? Also, it’s important to know the rules for any private region you acquire — they are published and viewable in the land’s associated “Covenant” (accessible by right-clicking the land, then selecting “About Land” and the “Covenant” tab). 
Manga also gives tips and tricks that will help you better use Second Life Search and the World Map to identify the best property for your needs.  
To read the full series of articles, check out "Buying your first Second Life land" on Examiner.com in these four parts:

Of course, there's also the official Linden Lab Land Buying FAQ, too. To get a feel for the types of property available in Second Life, you can browse listings on the Second Life Marketplace for mainland and private island locations.



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