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Announcing an Easier Way to Purchase Abandoned Mainland Property

Vogt Linden


To make Mainland parcels easier to purchase, we have implemented a new system that automatically takes recently abandoned Mainland parcels and makes them available for Mainland landowners and Premium account members to buy directly at discounted rates. By using the new system, you no longer have to go through Support, which was a longer and more involved process.

Purchasing Mainland Parcels Directly is Easier
Start by looking at the Mainland on the World Map, and enabling the check box “Land for Sale.” When you find a parcel that you might be interested in, check out the owner. If the parcel is owned by Governor Linden and marked, “Abandoned Land - For Sale,” then you can purchase it by clicking on the “Buy Land,” button. Today, we are pricing abandoned land at L$1 per square meter (pricing subject to change) and, of course, the regular monthly tiered land costs apply for ongoing maintenance. Over time, we may also make older abandoned land available for sale, using the same process. Our goal is to increase the Mainland occupancy for a more active and beautiful environment for all to enjoy.

For more more detailed information, take a look at this wiki page.

So, if you’ve ever been thinking about owning your very own piece of the Mainland, or expanding your current holdings, then now is a great time to take a look and snap up some great properties.

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