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Need Free Male Downloadable Avatar Skin Texture

Hello all:

I am only a few days old in Second Life and I am looking for a free male skin texture that I can dowload to my computer so I can modify it myself. I have been seaching around for a day or so but I just cannot find what I need.

I know there are templates (and I have those already), but I am just not great at drawing wrinkles and all the subtler things that make up a convincing human skin texture. If I could find a plain, human male skin texture (one that will not violate any copyright laws) then modify it, it would help me greatly.

Thank you in advance from a SL newbie!

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Eloh Eliot has a number of female open source skins available that you can mod and she did release one male skin a while ago:

You can read the licensing terms here:

FAQs here:

Male psd download links are here as they don't seem to be available on that first link:

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Go here:

Look down till you see the CF1 one for males. Grab it.

That is Eloh Eliot skin files. Here is Eloh's blog.

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Thank you, Ann!

Jooshooan sent me the same link only seconds before you did but that doesn't mean I am thanking you any less.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

I appreciate the time you took to respond.

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These are exactly what I was looking for!

Thank you so much for helping me and also so quickly!