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  1. As others have mentioned, much of the economic metrics previously available have been disabled by LL but Tyche Sheppard who runs the gridsurvey website also has an interesting weekly report over on SLU that might be of interest to you. Tyche has the most comprehensive, independent information publicly available that I'm aware for SL.
  2. I'm not letting Scylla take all the glory! I've also read and enjoyed it and agree with everything that she mentions. It's also been discussed a few times back in the archived forums if you'd like additional perspective.
  3. There are limits in place to mitigate against fraud but you can see your specific details on the Lindex Billing and Trading Limits page. It also gives you instructions on how to request a limits review for your account that may take up to 5 business days.
  4. This page is a pretty good reference for all the different features and functions as well.
  5. Kaimi Kyomoon wrote: I went to the thread at that other place looking for Mari's Monday pictures and found a link to here! Now I have to spend my morning making a cool new forum pic, figuring out how to get it installed etc. And I was planning to get some serious work done on my serious new computer. But oh well. It's great to see everyone. I'm so glad you finally got a new computer Kaimi! I saw that you had in few other places. Suella did a nice little post on how make a badge in this thread. I haven't gotten around to it and getting the size right as far as I read can be a bit tricky
  6. oops, you're right! I was thinking about optimizing your parcel for search.
  7. I don't know what the criteria is, but I do know that LL uses the Google search appliance api and the algorithms are super sekrit. There's also a bit more info here on how to optimize your listing for your group.
  8. If you look at the jira comments here, there may be a few workarounds you might want to try. It looks like LL is aware of the issue and is working on it. You may need to log in to the jira website with your SL credentials to view the bug report.
  9. I sent a quick email to the prof, whose website I linked to earlier in case he wanted to add to his list with any other contributions others may have.
  10. The proper dimensions for profile pics can vary depending on which viewer you're using. You can see the proper dimensions for textures based on use at this page. It can be a bit tricky as each type of picture can have different dimensions and aspect ratios. Textures Aspect ratios of profile, place, etc. pictures — all of these were measured at UI size (Edit menu > Preferences > General tab > UI Size) = 1.000: 1.x Series Viewers (official Viewer up to 1.23.5, most Third Party Viewers) Search > All for "Classifieds", "People", and "Places" - 4:3 (256x192 pixels) Search &g
  11. There was a professor from a university collecting the locations of geographic and historic recreations in SL way back in the old old forums. I'm not sure how up to date it is but I found his website with a nice listing of sims.
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