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  1. Ah. Thanks for your answer Ann (and everyone else, too)! Well, that completely sucks, doesn't it? I'll have to scrap a lot of my texture detail to "compensate for the distortion". Lame, lame, lame! That was directed at Linden Labs, not you all who were nice enough tio help out a newbie. I appreciate the time you and everyone else here took time to answer my question.
  2. Hi all: I downloaded the Second Life Avatar Mesh from http://secondlife.com/community/avatar.php to use to try out some custom textures I am creating. I noticed the UVs on this mesh were in need of tweaking as my textures were pretty distorted when applied (and yes, I am using widely used templates so I know that isn't the problem. And I am very experienced in 3DS Max and UV modification). The problem I am having is that once I have modified the UVs, how do I upload them to my avatar in Second Life? I can see under the FILE menu there is a way to upload Images, Sound, Animation and a Bulk Upload but there doesn't seem to be a way to upload my mesh with the UVs modified. I have searched the Knowledge Base but haven't found an answer. Can someone please tell me how this is done or at least point me in the right direction? Thanks so much in advance.
  3. Thank you, Ann! Jooshooan sent me the same link only seconds before you did but that doesn't mean I am thanking you any less. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! I appreciate the time you took to respond.
  4. THANK YOU JOOSHOOAN! These are exactly what I was looking for! Thank you so much for helping me and also so quickly!
  5. Hello all: I am only a few days old in Second Life and I am looking for a free male skin texture that I can dowload to my computer so I can modify it myself. I have been seaching around for a day or so but I just cannot find what I need. I know there are templates (and I have those already), but I am just not great at drawing wrinkles and all the subtler things that make up a convincing human skin texture. If I could find a plain, human male skin texture (one that will not violate any copyright laws) then modify it, it would help me greatly. Thank you in advance from a SL newbie!
  6. Thank you, Ellla. I am reading it now. When i first installed Second Life, I added it to my exceptions list of programs but I am stillnot connecting. And how risky is Second Life if I were to allow it to be excluded from my Firewall? Can viruses and other harmful things be transferred? have you heard horror stories of bad things being spread through Second Life? Not being technically savvy, I'd like to be sure before I do anything that could leave me open for harmful stuff. thanks
  7. Thanks Faubio. Apparently being "on the edge" is not for a whole hell of a lot of others, either. Have you seen the amount of Regional Handshake error messages people are dealing with? Sure, every site is going to have its common problems but the "waiting for regional handshake" issue seems to be be too widespread to be a challenge. Meh... I am thoroughly pissed off after dealing with this issue all day (yes, all day) but it is not directed at you, Faubio. Thanks again for your time and effort.
  8. Thanks for trying, Ellla but I have tried these as per the advice of others. No dice, unfortunately. As for Firewall Configuration? Too complex for me to understand. Furthermore nothing should be this convoluted to make work properly. The help pages were barely intelligible. I guess an IT tech person could understand it but not me, that's for sure. Again though, thank you you for trying to help. And I did submit a ticket earlier today. When I tried to look up the ticket via the tracking number to check on the status, I got an almost blank page saying I don;t have permission to view it. WTF?! Again, nothing should be this convoluted. I know many others are cruising around in Second Life with narry a care in the Second World but it doesn't look like I will ever be one of those people. You can probably sense my frustration because I am not trying to hide it at all but please don't think I don't appreciate you taking the time to try and help because I really do, Ella. But unless someone makes Second Life connection troubleshooting a lot easier for the average person to understand, I'm going to have to hear about it Second Hand. Cheers
  9. For the third time in a row I have had to re-install SL And for the third time in a row, SL froze (Not Responding) as I was editing my appearance. I was able to get to secondlife://Ahern/0/0/0 when I logged in after the third re-install but as soon as I started to edit my avatar's appearance, SL froze. And once again, when I tried to login again, I got the same unable to connect error message when the loading progress bar reached the "waiting for Region handshake" portion. So this is a repeatable bug with documented steps. Under the knowledge base for this issue it reads "If you're running a firewall or firewall/internet security software, it may have a security warning in the background that's interrupting Second Life's login process. You may have to reconfigure or disable this third-party software to use Second Life." Screw that. Thanks for everyone's help, though.
  10. Ah, I see what "new thing" you meant on the Login screen. 1. I went to http://slurl.com/ 2. I pressed Teleport 3. On the Login screen Isaw my Starting Location read: Ahern/0/0/0 BUT: It still did not work. I got the connecting error message at the "Waiting for region handshake" portion of the progress bar. Same as before. I am going to try one last time to uninstall then re-install but using your http://slurl.com/ step. If that doesn't work, I give up. This should not be this hard. If it doesn;t work, screw it. i have better things to do with my time. But I staill want to thank you for trying to help, Faubio. Cheers!
  11. Hi Faubio: Good call on PHYSICALLY cleaning my PC. I will do that just for the sake of good standard maintenance. But this is not what is causing my problems on SL. I have played many games on my PC and I daily run memory intensive 3D modelling software on my machine and never have had an issue of these applications freezing. I also suspect that no matter how dirty (physically) a PC can get, it will not cause one to have trouble logging into anything when everything else runs fine. But I really do appreciate the time you took to try to narrow down what this problem could be. I guess if I can't even login to Second Life, I will just have to stick to my First One and leave the Second one to those in regions that are welcomed here. Cheers.
  12. Hi Faubio: My connection is neither WiFi or wireless <<<<< What is it then? I have a High Speed Cable Modem connection (I'm not sure if that is an accurate enough answer but it certainly is a fast and very solid connection. I have rarely ever been disconnected from the internet due to slow/poor connection from my ISP). Connection: Workstation (standalone) <<<<<<<<<<<<<< Workstation? I have no idea what that means. As I mentioned in an earlier reply, I just copied and pasted "My Computer Information - General" from a table from my Help and Support function on my machine and that was in there. You say it's freezing. I'm assuming that means the image is frozen in place and you can not do anything with it. Is this the corrrect discription of what is happening on your PC? If so, check for a new Driver for your graphics card. Well, I could move my mouse cursor but SL wouldn't respond when I clicked on anything and it sounded like the background ambient sounds were repeating on a very short cycle (around a half second loop, it sounded like). I updated my drivers about almiost an hour ago, restarted my machine for the updates to take effect but I still cannot login to SL. When was the last time this PC was cleaned? I run a virus scan at least once a week. I am very good about cleaning it on a regular basis. See "event viewer" in a Windows OS PCs for possible clues to hardware issues. I have never heard of the event viewer but found it after reading your post. But I have no clue how to use it or anything. I have never had these kinds of problems before and I am in over my head trying to understand these technical problems so I thank you for taking the time to reply, Faubio.
  13. Hello Qie: Well, it was a good thought to update the drivers (which I just did now. It seems I was mistaken to think they would update automatically). But the problem still remains that when I try to login, I can't. I keep getting error messages saying "We're having trouble connecting. The problem may be with your internet connection (B.S. since I have never had problems with any online activities until I tried Second Life) or the Second Life servers." I HAVE heard of lots of other people having trouble logging in. What I haven't heard of was others being able to login then SL freezing THEN not being able to login after restarting SL. I am considering more and more about giving up on SL despite the very helpful few of you nice people trying to help me out. I really appreciate the effort of those who just try to help out other people so thank you. But (and this is directed at Linden Labs) I don't have time for this type of hassle.
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