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Where can i find my chat log?

Where can i find my chat logs in my pc? i have windows 7

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In the Phoenix viewer Edit -> Preferences and click the Network & Folder tab. The chat log location will be displayed there if you have enabled chat logs in the Communication tab.

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Check the privacy tab in preferences. On the bottom you'll find the logs folder path

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In Vista, chat logs are located in C:\Users\yourusername\Appdata\Local, unless you have changed it.  I don't know, but I expect it's the same in Windows 7.

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You have to dig into your own computer's folders. First, turn on the function that makes all invisible folders visible, as it is in invisible folders on some machines and some operating systems.

The path usually I've found to get there on Windows goes:



Make sure to save your chat logs outside this folder system if you need them because viewer 2's new versions wipe out all chat logs each time you install, a terrible nuisance.

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The easiest way is to go into your viewers preferences and find your cache. In some viewers  you will find it under advanced in others you will find it under network or network and cache. Once you find the cache you will see cache location. Select Browse and that will open the direct folder in your computer. I have windows 7 and this is the easiest method for meSmiley Happy