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  1. I have seen some old accounts using the new avatar starters. how do i get it?
  2. How do I upload mesh to my inventory?
  3. How and where do you go to fill a DCMA?
  4. I dont receive offline msg nor items,nc and stuff. how do i delete my inbox msgs? please help
  5. When I'm offline, and come online I dont see any notices nor i dont get the offline items that are been send to me nor messeges. how can i fix that? I tried uninstalling it and resintalling it already
  6. I've been having problems with Sl viewer 2. Lots of my stuff i Can not see in my inventory... I have cleared catche and I can't see the stuff there... when i login thru another viewer. everything seems fine... please help
  7. for some reason a folder full of stuff disappeared and i can not find it in my inventory.... and a couple of weeks ago i deleted all from my trash.... any advice ? is there any way that i could get all deleted back?
  8. Please I need help!! :( For some reason i can't fly nor crouch .... my page up and page down keys wont work in SL. Maybe I disabled them? Please help... When i use them in internet explorer or microsoft word they work perfect. HELP PLEASEEE :matte-motes-crying:
  9. Hello, I would like to know how to disable the local lights... when i use prims the colors does not appear well. so that why i would like to disable all local lightning. please help
  10. like i said ,... I'm using SL not phoenix nor emergence.... in SL there isnt such option under graphics for "custom" Thanks thouy
  11. Could anyone help... how do you activate the shadows in Second Life 2.5.2 (223426) Please help
  12. How can i fly in 2.5 ? i already enable advanced and develop menu. please help
  13. I need help i wanted to lower the chat lines from 45 to a less number... please halp
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