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  1. I appreciate the two answers that were exactly trying to give a proper response to the question I asked. I think it's really sad that others use the forums to pose their not so clever opinions. I like coming to the forum to answer and get answers to questions not only for myself but for other residents as well.
  2. Does anyone know how to hide what your avatar is wearing when people try to scan to see what body, clothes, or other items you have on
  3. CtrlAltStudio is a lighter viewer and it mirrors firestorm so if u are used to firestorm u will have no issues with ctrlaltstudio, it looks the same and has the same functions
  4. I use Logitech H600 they have the newer version out currently I believe is the H800, They are light weight and produce clear sound
  5. I am not sure what is going on here I see these gold pyramids when I log in and I cannot see objects, after a few seconds the decrease or go away but still I am unable to see certain items. Heres a pic taken with lightshot http://prntscr.com/6r728g
  6. The easiest way is to go into your viewers preferences and find your cache. In some viewers you will find it under advanced in others you will find it under network or network and cache. Once you find the cache you will see cache location. Select Browse and that will open the direct folder in your computer. I have windows 7 and this is the easiest method for me:)
  7. Hello I was wondering if u had anymore mainland like the one listed below currently available
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