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My inventory is missing

My inventory is missing

Hay all i have a real big annoying problem, i'm aware that yesturday sl had some grid problems where there was some inventory, rezzing etc. troubles. I did log on breifly yesturday but when i realised there wasnt much i could do i logged of about 10 minutes later, at this time I still had my inventory stuff they just wasnt rezzing. I then logged back on today, wanting to change my avi's outfit when i noticed 98% of my inventory is missing. I have my folders but the majority of them are empty i researched for a while and found this page http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Inventory_loss#Clearing_Second_Life.27s_cache

however most of this didnt relate to my problem. to state i have lost all if not most of my clothes and avatar attachments. and the number of inventory items has drastically fallen from around 1200 to 3000. I have spent a lot of  rl hard earned money on my sl avi to get the look i desire. and i would hate for that to go to waste and for me to loose litterally everything i've brought over the months i've been playing second life. To cut this of i'm wondering if this has happened to anybody else today... or ever, and would anybody know how to fix it.

apologies for my grammer and spelling, i do hope you understand.


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The standard answer, which works in most cases, is to rebulid your locally cached copy of inventory. When you have apparent inventory loos, it's because the copy of your inventory  that sits on your own computer has been damaged.  This could happen because of some problem in your own machine or because something was damaged as information was being transmitted from Linden Lab's servers. Unless the main copy of your inventory in the servers was damaged somehow, all you need to do is make a new copy.  It's best to do that "manually" from outside SL.  Here's how >>>> http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/fs_cache_clear  .  I know that it says Firestorm in a few spots, but the process is the same for any viewer.  If you're not using Firestorm, just substitute "SecondLife" or whatever the name of your viewer is. And the most important part of the instructions is this: "While inventory repopulates, do not teleport anywhere, and do not attempt to access anything in your inventory."

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It happens from time to time to almost everyone.  Not too often, thankfully.  The wiki page you found DOES apply to you.  Clear your cache and relog to an empty region, as it suggests.

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you will have to follow the steps from the link you've provided to clear your cache and relog.

This will probably fix the issue for you, once you've logged in after following these steps, and let your inventory fully load.

Good luck!

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The last 3 before me talked rubbish. I had in the last few days enormous inventory issues. And, as they stated in the grid status,

they made some changes. Prior to this changes just everything was ok for me. Finally, clearing the caché never fits your problem!

NO, it's a mess up of server side databases and not your fault! Or the fault of your computer:

>Mesh alpha's never appeared. Refitting of them to the inventory doesn't helped.

>Loading of my avatar ended in an endless loop (cloud)

>Most used parts from skins, clothes and attachments for pre-set outfits are lost & where never again found in my inventory.

The only thing you can do is to try to select a different "server choice" in the debug settings. Change them from 0 to 5, then log out and

back in. Change them again from 5 back to 0 and log off and back in again. And never ever clean the caché when you change the server

you connect to!!! If that even fails, the only way is to file a support ticket.

And cross your fingers that LL runned a back up!

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good luck