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  1. I had the same issues, and here is the solution; This is caused from memory overlapping mechanism set in the bios (locked windows kernel can not handle over 4GB, if your os is in 32bit installed). This errors are caused from wrong bios settings of MTRR allocation and the size of the 4GB pci granularity hole. To fix it check this 3 settings (i have a phoenix bios, on ami, award or insyde it can be sorted different!) 1. check in your bios in memory cache "Discrete MTRR Allocation" and set it to Enabled. (Shows in 32bit systems more then 4GB installed memory - will differ by settings as explained in 2a) 2. check in your bios in advanced "pci configuration" PCI-e I/O Performance and set it to Payload (faster) 2a Coalesce shows in 32bit systems 4GB usable memory, Payload shows 2GB usable memory) 3. check in your bios in advanced chipset control "4GB PCI Hole Granularity" and set it to the best value your motherboard and graphics memory are able to handle it (256, 512, 1.0, 2.0GB) I have a Supermicro dual Xeon Workstation board with 32GB ram, so on usual desktop mainboards (s 478, s775, s1155) you will may have fewer detailed settings available. And even the settings may vary, if your mainboard has a built in graphics card (igp) or a dedicated PCI-Exp x16 This settings are shown for usual bios setups on systems with totally 4GB extended memory. Your stability with "out of memory" in second life will vary slightly, means you have to play a bit with this settings to succed. I givee I give here kudos back to lindens and also firestorm devs, which are not responsible in this error. You hopefully also. Cross my fingers. :matte-motes-big-grin-evil: On my system i get the best stability and performance with "4GB Hole PCI Granularity" set to 4GB, PCI-e I/O Performance set to Coalesce.
  2. The last 3 before me talked rubbish. I had in the last few days enormous inventory issues. And, as they stated in the grid status, they made some changes. Prior to this changes just everything was ok for me. Finally, clearing the caché never fits your problem! NO, it's a mess up of server side databases and not your fault! Or the fault of your computer: >Mesh alpha's never appeared. Refitting of them to the inventory doesn't helped. >Loading of my avatar ended in an endless loop (cloud) >Most used parts from skins, clothes and attachments for pre-set outfits are lost & where never again found in my inventory. The only thing you can do is to try to select a different "server choice" in the debug settings. Change them from 0 to 5, then log out and back in. Change them again from 5 back to 0 and log off and back in again. And never ever clean the caché when you change the server you connect to!!! If that even fails, the only way is to file a support ticket. And cross your fingers that LL runned a back up! LL, do you want that i quit sl as a regular and paying member? good luck
  3. Hmm, and where is the mighty linden category? :matte-motes-smitten: No, seriously, great work! As next you should change the available size of creators store banners. Mine looks stretched and doesn't reflects it original meaning.
  4. #After doing a trace route on my sims IP I found network work traffic was taking a completely different route as to when on a main land sim. I did the same and i guess mainland sim's where different sorted then estates. On mainland my bandwith is always somewhat from 45 to 200 kpbs (the lower graph on the statistics network bar) by 24 to an average of 30 fps. On estates its somewhere between 0 to 350 kbps, but with more then 15 avatars in a region they drop down to an average of 0 to 40 kbps by 15 fps on a empty sim and 0 - 2 kbps and 5 - 10 fps on a sim with more then 15 avatars in. I know simperformance is also caused or is dropped by how many scripts are running in a simulator, but my overall experiences are almost better on mainland then on estates. I never would pay 300$ a month for a poorer perfomance and i even dont need the more widely terraforming abilities on estates compared to the better performance of mainland sim's. For that sum you can rent a dedicated server by some hosting companies for 100$ a month, drop your beta opensim software on it and have fun with fewer lag and delays. Yes my dear lindens, its not worth more then 100 bucks a month.
  5. Hey Oskar I would simply mention that you focus on improving further to the development of le tigre and blue steel servers. Keep magnum aside because its simcrossing with and without huge attachments worn is a mess. I tried it many times with a boat with 3 attachments with a total of 768 prims. On some southward placed regions along the anwr-channel it hooked me up because that is one place with a big mixup of server versions runned on the different adjoining simulators. The second place to get also terrible simcrossings is the way from northeast of nautilus - started from blake sea azimuth in the east - thru the second lines of simulators northly from nautilus to the doria sim at west. Magnum is also worse by rezzing, script performance and on sim's with a heavy avatar load (more then 45). My best experiences i had on le tigre with heavy avatar usage (45+) as also a bit more stuck on such runned on blue steel. On blue steel runned sim's north of nautilus i had some times a very smooth simcrossing even with that boat, with no delay on crossing as i sit on it and it runned with autopilot from sim to sim at med speed. Sadly only in the hours, when in sl average users of 40'000 where logged in. Good luck with testing and may many help you improve the usability of second life.
  6. The gain is like - no, it is a multiplicator of the effect(s) intensity. Maybe you know the gain slider from your home systems equalizer. With you can distort its frequency band. Breast sway. I do set mine to; max effect 5 (more gives a heavier movement of the breasts) spring 8 (repetitions value) gain 7 (as more as stronger the effect is shown) damping 20 (as more as further they stop its movement - this is in connection with the breast bouncy). I got in general the best effect with this settings: Breast bouncy: Max effect 45 Spring 22 (this slider is very sensitive, increasements per example more then by 5 at once gives a multi amplified effect! The best results you get when you move it by one by one in- or decreasements!). Gain 21 Damping 80 (with a lesser value my boobs hopped in unnatural manner up and down. Test it with a dance ball and observe what your avatar does when you stopped the animation(s) ). Breast cleavage: (I dont adjusted this values until exacter because i guess their effects are not so strong as the others). Max effect 8 Spring 10 Gain 9 Damping 20 Breast sway: (I adjusted them slightly - test it out to get your own matching settings). Max effect 5 Spring 8 Gain 7 Damping 20 Advanced parameters: Breast mass 45 Breast gravity 33 Breast drag 37 With this settings my avatars titts do look and behave like my real. I wonder why this physics settings were not left as before in the general settings of the viewer where it was easier to adjust them on a moving avatar. Once again lindens, you showed typical american behaviour, where the customer is being used as a beta tester because yourself really does not have a working plan how if it could ever get it right.
  7. 1. Question: MLPV2 is really nice but im stuck to handle the texturing of linked prims. So that some prims change their texture by call thru 'LINKMSG Shadow | 0,-1,985555,texturename' and a single prim related to 985555 in the same linkset changes their texture by call of 'LINKMSG Shadow | 0,-1,985656,' per example. When i did that my submenu messed up and some textures dont appear. Next question is there a possibility to read textures from a notecard in any prim where their textures have to change instead of pass of to any textureable prim the necessary textures? Maybe by add of 'if (num == 985656 && llGetInventoryType(str) == INVENTORY_TEXTURE)' to the depending script? How's that then to call that from the .MENUITEMS note? 2: Question: I want to have a submenu where textures like 'Leather' and 'Fur mats' can be changed. It seems mlp isnt able to have more then one one possibility to manage single prims texturing in a linkset. Thus have also to be called thru a notecard instead of rest of any neces sary texture in any necessary prim.
  8. Definitions: The second rococo time was from 1850 to 1870. The following founding period was from 1870 to 1890. Fashion based on french or italian styles. Requirements: Black shiny silk with lace ruffles and flexi skirtparts. Hat with hairmesh and -bands. Sun umbrella with lace bands around the screen. Matching lace corset in black with lace or black white satin. Thanks
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