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Can someone remove objects from your House and/or Land?

Can someone remove objects from your House and/or Land?

Our recent problems with a new neighbor may include stolen items, which I did not think was possible. Can someone tamper with things left on your land?

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No, they cannot.

A physical object, like a beach ball, could be kicked or moved.

All other objects should be where you left them.

You could restrict access to the Land when you are not in SL, if that would add comfort.



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If the item in question is partly inside of someone else's land - the owners of that other land can remove it.

I've had to do that a lot recently as a messy neighbor kept rezzing giant platforms in the sky, or uses those 'house in a box' rezzers, rezzing their whole house, and only moving part of it back into their land (leaving me with lone floors or furniture floating over my 'in-law house' on the back of my lot. Smiley Happy )

As someone who's had a neighbor cover 100% of my land with their giant mega prim platform before, this is a very important feature to me - which sadly did not exist at the time that had occured.



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They can't selectively move or remove any non-physical items, unless you have given them permission to edit or move your stuff. Possibly if you are both in a group, and the items in question are set or deeded to that group, there could be a group role that would allow them to edit or take the items. But that seems unlikely. 

Other than physical items getting pushed out of position, the only other thing I can think of is not controllable, and may have been fixed in the server code. It used to be that if someone could rez items on your land, that if they suddenly tried to rez something huge, existing prims of yours on the land could get auto-returned by parcel full limits. I'm pretty sure LL fixed that, however, and if that was what happened, the items would have been returned to you and who returned them would be noted in your local chat.

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Nope.  Even physical items can't be moved, unless you've given permission for that.

You may be having neighbor problems, but theft isn't one of them.


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