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  1. I had also my fights with the Belleza Bento hand dev kit. But finally I made it happen that my uploaded nails are rigged to the original belleza armature, in correct position & at correct size used Blender 2.79 - Avastar installed - but not used this time call the import Collada option and search for the dev kit dae file Before clicking Import take a look at the left side down in the tab I used this settings (idea from https://avastar.machinimatrix.org/279/fragment/devkit-import-belleza/ ) Armature Option Fix Leaf Bones - checked Find Bone Chains - checked Auto Correct - UNchecked Keep Bind Info - UNchecked -> import I leave the import as it is (rotated/scaled) I made my nails fit to the hands apply rotation/Scale/Location of nails so that in the Transform Tab the scale were set to 1 in object mode I scale my nails now up to 100 -> edit mode shift +c to make sure 3d cursor is centered a to select all - Pivot Center for Rotate/Scaling set to 3d cursor s to scale it back to down to 0.01 Now my nails have the same size as before but when I now check the scale in object mode (transform tab) it is now 100 -> select nails + shift +select armature -> ctrl P - with empty groups (binds the nails to the armature) -> select hand -> put it into Weight Paint Mode -> +shift + select nails -> also Weight paint mode -> Tools -> Transfer Weights (from active to selected) Now the nails have also the skin weights from the belleza bento hand mesh Export Collada [ Default ] Operation Preset set to sl/open Sim Rigged additional setting there - Keep Bind Info UNchecked Upload to sl (used Firestorm) include Skin weights - checked DO NOT include joint position ignored the small yellow warning "bind shape matrix is not in standard X-forward orientation" Upload - and the fit perfectly ^^ Maybe this helps to get your fingerless gloves for belleza working And no I'm not an expert this is just the way what worked for me after endless experiments ^^
  2. I guess I need some help from a LL professional. Since February 26, 2012 the status of one of my items is set to "billing" and "Charging, cannot edit right now. " .:[RatzCatz]:. Finger Nails v1 (Sale Version) Product Enhancemen: Feature this item on the home page (L$2,899 every 30 days) Last charged a: January 27, 2012 Next charge a: February 26, 2012 State Actions: billing Charging, cannot edit right now. Could someone please delet this Listing Enhancement of this Item to make me able to charge a new one? Thank You in advanced. Alidia Loire
  3. I'm a Seller And Shopper too. And I miss the option to leave just stars without thinking about reviews. I don't have the time to think what to write so on the new marketplace I leave my stars with a "." in title and body. I guess this is better than no rating.
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