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  1. Thanks for your heads up... even while the news wasn't that good Dev-kits and support from, for example, Tonic are way, way better then of the big three... I therefore really enjoy working with Tonic. Only problem with all new bodies is... which bodies to support, with all the new meshes it's kind of like the same situation as back in the day when all the brands had their own texture appliers... and I don't see a new mesh clothing Omega system on the horizon. I could make fingerless gloves using slink hands on one side and fit them on the Belleza arms on the other side. or just go with the previous plan: No fingerless gloves for Belleza users.
  2. Alright... My goal was/is make a pack of elbow size and full size gloves and fingerless gloves for Maitreya / Belleza / Slink and Tonic. I've checked numerous fingerless gloves for bento hands on the MP and cannot find anyone who provides a pair for Belleza fingerless gloves. I guess I'll rig the Belleza normal gloves using Slink hands and I won't provide fingerless gloves for Belleza. If you are reading this @Belleza folks... I think the hands on the Belleza bodies look good, however... the Belleza bento hands-dev-kit seems to be 'problematic'. If I am wrong please do tell (and let me know how to tackle this problem). So far no-one I know has been able to do so...
  3. The right click / left click (so left is the normal select click) is the very first thing I changed in the settings in Blender... While it is a lot of work to learn a new piece of software, there's a lot of advantages to being able to use more than one tool. There will always be advantages Blender has over 3DsMax and vice versa. That said, it takes time... It takes time to getto know your way around software and it takes time to get good at it. I'm working with Blender for a year now and I have still trouble getting some specific things done. Then suddenly Maya looks very appealing Back to topic: if he wants to make stuff for SL on a regular basis, I think it'll be worth it for him to get to know Blender...
  4. Well, the least I can do is bump your post (new here, so not sure) but I'd love to know the same... I can get my stuff rigged, however problems are numerous and it kind of takes the fun out of the creation part. I'm not sure if you are going to get the answer here since most choose one tool and stick with it.
  5. I have been working with Blender for mesh clothes creation for a year now, and have found my way around most problems I encountered so far. Most dev-kits have their own little quirks and once you know about them you can solve the problems they cause. One problem I have not gotten out of the way is rigging for Bento hands. Especially Maitreya and even more so: Belleza. Belleza's dev-kit bento hands can be imported and avastar can convert the rig, but does not provide the bones for the hands. Rigging to a standard avastar 2 skeleton really gives horrible results (deformed hands and fingers). The cause is most probably altered bones... Does anyone know how to properly set up the Belleza bento hands (or cheeky question: has a blend-file with a properly set-up set of belleza (bodies and) hands) in Blender + Avastar 2. Editing the skeleton bones for the hands seems like a world of pain on it's own...
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