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  1. for the last 2 weeks strange things have been happening to me... When i build i get alot of rubber banding ill move a wall or furniture and it snaps back several times The same with textures if i am changing params repeats ect it will go back and forth for minutes then finally stop at the original params. now the wierd thing. it only happens on my living room computer ....if i log my alt in the bedroom it doesnt do it. or my regular avi doesnt do it at work or on my phone. i have rienstalled my viewers firestorm 32 and 64 and sl viewer latest version. I have rienstalled a clean version of windows. I dont use a firewall other than my att built in one. And in almost 8 years i have never had this issue before .except for the last 2 weeks. it doesnt happen to anyone else either . my specs for the computer CPU: AMD FX(tm)-8350 Eight-Core Processor (4013.57 MHz) Memory: 16281 MB OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit Service Pack 1 (Build 7601) Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 660/PCIe/SSE2 Windows Graphics Driver Version: 9.18.0013.4052 OpenGL Version: 4.4.0 all settings are at high with a rez limit of 128 Im also getting delayed tp delayed double click to tp on mine or anyones land slow rezzing objects failed rezzes dialiation is usually between .85 to .99 at any given time framerate is set to 30 flat im at a total losss as to what to do it took me a week to build a small store where it only takes hours lol im going insane any advice would be grateful and if you fix my issue ill give you a 10K card to use in my store lol that is a promise.!!!! Oh and i should state its hardwired into the router 2 feet away the one in the bedroom was on wiress and didnt do it...i shut off the computer every day no over heating so its not a issue like that i unchecked framerate 30 and its a steady 57 changed a few settings in my graphics and network I will also state that the first week on the sim i noticed when i was making furniture and i would sit it would reject me like i wasnt the owner only then did we discover that with the sim deeded to my group would this happen if i sold it to my wife and she deeded it to her group it worked fine...how wierd is that. now its back in my name but not deeded and was working fine for awhile. its a busy sim also usually 15 to 50 people at any given time but ive never seen an issue like this before on any sim. UPDATE Purchased a full sim lastnight and its still doing it and it happened to my partner also but only 2 times and shes fine...me on the other hand is still having the same issue i changed the cat5 cable and its plugged directly into the att router no external routers used my connection is 20.22 down 3.71 up all of my virus protection and cleaners are turned off and background programs are off also i use iobit ultimate ....and have for the last 2 years and never had this issue before. theres no overheating everything is water cooled in an open case 45c is the usual temp for the cpu and about 52c for the graph card
  2. That is fantastic ill def support that in the jira wonderful job !!!
  3. I agree and trust me i work my butt off in SL just to make a little L it just drives me nutts to see these people do these things and LL take our Money with a smile. Now i only do that with the recent rash of wooden box material being sold not everything lol....as i have alot of down time at rl work i scour MP and anytime i see something not from the original creator i flag it and will continue to do so until they get the hint or LL bans them from selling it may be futile but at least im trying. It's more then i can say for LL
  4. Well considering i have went through and personally flagged every damn item in mp that is being listed and is not from the original content creator and still nothing has been done is really starting to piss me off.now i had been flagged once in the past for an outfit not being in the right spot and had to completely relist the item and when i check back these people are still listing and its being sold is uterly insane....My suggestion is to start a campaign to not shop on MP for 1 day to put out a mass targeted listing to all my groups and friends and 900 of my customers to not shop for 24 hours trust me i would rather loose a few thousand L and watch LL loose a million if they wont do anything about this. Now if anyone else is interested in this let me know i would sure love to let them know how much this hurts our business by hitting them in the pocket where obviously is the only thing they care about Sincerely one pissed off Content creator and customer.
  5. I have also been down that road 5 times the same outfit flagged all with different reasons and LL kept pulling it down not even paying attention to the reasons why seems they only care when it suites them ive seen items still posted 6 months later after being flagged nothing done that's why i haven't posted anything new in almost a year cant flag an inworld store lol
  6. Wow such a simple fix after 8 hours of trying to figure it out for myself LOL....thanks again Ron much appreciated if ya ever need any clothes or shoes come see me ill hook ya up for free
  7. If it is as simple as that im gonna shoot myself LOL ill give it a shot when i get to work thank you !!!!!
  8. Hello everyone ive been messing with ciss for chaining and for the most part works really well but one problem i am comming acorss and cannot fix is adding more than 1 animation to the ciss to trigger chains... i keep getting a syntax error list animations = [ "Slave01", "leftwrist,top-left ring,rightwrist,top-right ring,leftankle,bottom-left ring,rightankle,bottom-right ring" ]; so that is the first line and if i add one below it as it is said in the wiki like this list animations = [ "Slave01", "leftwrist,top-left ring,rightwrist,top-right ring,leftankle,bottom-left ring,rightankle,bottom-right ring" "Slave02", "leftwrist,top-left ring,rightwrist,top-right ring,leftankle,bottom-left ring,rightankle,bottom-right ring" ]; i get a syntax error when compiling on say line 27 wich is where the next line is i have tried several compilations and nothing works anyone have any ideas ???? i would greatly appreciate any input its driving me insane and i also have tried several different anims all with the same results
  9. On April 23rd of 2011 S0phie Sautereau Owner of *~s0c~* ENTERPRISES passed away from uknown causes. Tonite May 4th at 7 pm SLT at her store we will be holding a candel light vigil in her honor,to remember and say our peace. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Argenteuil/56/58/24/ I invite anyone that knew her to visit even if you didnt know her well, come by. She made alot of people smile during her time in SL and and helped countless others in their efforts to become merchants.Me being one of them. Here is her Memorial page on Facebook if you would like to see how many lives she touched and maybe leave a kind word. https://www.facebook.com/pages/RIP-Ms-Lisa-Cooke/119518208128001 Thank you for taking the time to read this. *~~VB~~*
  10. Woot Thanx Torley @ home i dont much worry about it but at work im runnin a dual core so between surfin flashing phones and working in sl and photoshop it kills this computer lol ya saved my butt
  11. Where as i agree to some extent i also dont agree because of *the different perms on some of the other items,but that would be nice i've ran into that problem with sellers and it drives me nutts lol, As far as the bitching and moaning of the Inventory Delivery system thats a whole other horse. Usually im the first to bitch and moan about something they change LOL but the more i think about it the more i like the idea as long as they can make it secure. think about all the lost time from selling an item having to hunt it down in your xstreet box and replace it because the item had wrong perms or something happened because LL changed something and messed up textures! how easy would it be to go to your delivery folder find the named item and replace it or fix it without having to open up your M box find the item drag it out edit it find the item fix it take it back and drop it in the box ....man what a pain in the ass. But its all about what they want and its gonna happen regardless of how much we bitch,Just like viewer 2 bend over and take it like ya love it . Personally i love SL and dont wanna go anywhere else,But times they are a changin
  12. Nice one !! i always broke it down to 1 month in SL is comparable to 6 months in RL especially if you spend 99% of your time with 1 person..... Anyways it happens all the time i clean my list every 90 days and the people that get deleted want added back they just do it lol. Never take it personal just im them if you want and ask,maybe im's got lost or you were gone for a lil bit things happen
  13. I`ll tell ya people get so worked up over viewers its killing me lol its 3 years ago all over again with the bots and copying stuff same shi** different year its like the old story goes,i tell you something and by the time it gets back to you 1000 people later its totally a different story! so much miss information and frantic sellers and well some just crazy lol Emerald viewer is prolly the best ive seen yet no way to steal content Cool viewer has a export function but only for your full perm items of your items you make As for any of the others i dont know these are the only 2 i use and if this person is using a 3rd party viewer then pull an ar on her lol As with any creator especially if you make huge builds its awsome when you can right click and save the build on your hardrive in xml man if i had that 2 years ago i could have saved myself tons of wasted time rebuilding Anyways yano how people get it only takes one person to screw up the facts i suggest taking that link copy the entire page in a nc and when someone gives you crap post it in in local chat so they have no choice but see it!!!! thats what i do lol Happy Sl`ing BTW there is a wonderful function built into the viewers ...MUTE LMAO i use it frequently !!
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