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  1. That was the awesome-est thing I've read in a long time, @Nika Talaj, ROFL. It's good to see someone whose reality check hasn't bounced. 😛 Humming the hook as I return to work-- "Woke up this morning, Auto-refresh went ping..." (Cue the Taj Maha-lesque banjo riff. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zH6dBumSSR4)
  2. where to I find "show how object inspector for nearby objects
  3. Thanks, Sassy. We double checked for the incongrueties in the keywords and it seems that "promo" was in the keyword list, but not in the object title. So far, after making the change, the item is still on the MP. Fingers crossed! Thanks again for your response.
  4. It seems one of our shops has a griefer on Marketplace. Our products, for the second time, are getting "flagged" unfairly. This last time the reason was "The item has been unlisted due to Spam or Disallowed listing practices." The item has none of this. As you know, each time an item is flagged, it loses its position in search. What can be done about this erroneous reporting?
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