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  1. I know this is predominately regarding RedZone but, I do wonder about CDS from Skill Haks. I don't fully understand that system myself but, from what I have heard it does the same thing as RedZone or am I mistaken?
  2. After the original issue occured, I did do alot of reading regarding the viewer and LL's stance on this viewer. From what I have seen, heard and read, they don't appear to have any issues with the viewer but, because of the fact that it is open source, if you have modified it to do illegal activities, they will have an issue, which is very understandable. If your friend has not done any modifying on the Emerald viewer and got it from their offical site, I would say that they have more than enough to go to LL and contest the banning and have that lifted. I use it regularly and I do see ALOT of other residents with it as well and if there was an issue, there is alot of us who would be banned. For using the unmodified viewer, there is no logical reason for him to be banned.
  3. Actually, it wasn't me, it was a friend of mine who was accused of using an illegal viewer when she was on Emerald. The individual doing the accusing was a merchant and the last I saw, she was briefly banned due to my friend ARing her for how she handled herself (wasn't very nice, let's say). As for using only LL viewer, it's nice but I still enjoy using Emerald and LL seems to have no issue with this viewer. As long as they are fine with it, I know many people who will continue using it. The tools on that viewer are varied and very popular for different reasons, be it for building or just simply moving around the grids and enjoying SL. I do want to thank everyone for all their terrific input into this thread and for their help. I think it's very safe to say that this question was thoroughly answered. ;-)
  4. From what I was told later, there is another viewer that does show you what viewer other residents are using. Some one did mention that Gemini does give you that info as well. Since I have never used that one myself, I'm not 100% sure on that information but, it's possible. As for the individual who accused my friend of stealing, based on her using the Emerald viewer, from our understanding she has been banned. We do not know for how long but, it was due to the way she harrassed and the language she used when the incident occurred.
  5. Thank you! That does help alot and I will be passing all of this to my friend. The resident who was threatening to AR my friend is a creator and I can understand her worry about copying but, she does need to be more informed before going around and accusing people. As for the question on how did she know that Emerald was being used, some of us are guessing that she may be using another viewer that shows what others are using. Someone mentioned that Gemini can do that, so maybe that was how she seen it. This is also a huge relief to me as well, since I really like the Emerald viewer myself and would hate to have to give it up because it contained a program that I had not been aware of. Now I"m off to log in, on my favorite viewer and alot more informed, thanks to all who answered my question so very well.
  6. Last night there was an incident between a friend of mine and another resident.  My friend uses Emerald viewer and this other resident noticed this and approached her, accusing her of using this viewer to copy and steal content.  This friend of mine was pretty flabbergasted because we have never heard this about the Emerald before but, this resident threatened her with reporting her to LL and was quite ugly about the whole thing.  When my friend tried to explain that the reason that she uses this viewer for a game that some of us play, it really seemed to set this resident off badly and the resident stated that she was recording everyone who used the Emerald viewer and reporting them, in an attempt to have these people's accounts banned from SL.  The reason I'm asking is because I also use the Emerald viewer and this is the first time that I had ever heard anything about it having the ability to copy.  Is this true, that the Emerald can do this?  As far as many of us knew, it was a perfectly acceptable viewer and is used by quite a few individuals on SL.  Are we in trouble or is this person mistaken?
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