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  1. SL and Opensim are not compatible, only in the viewer, and of course they are simillar on the way they work But to sell on each one you need different accounts and avatars, upload or create from scratch on each one So one platform does not interfere with other platform
  2. Firestorm viewer not anly allowed me to export items from SL to my computer as it also allowed to rezz them back at Kitely, where I moved to But only what I built - For example I did it with a whole 211 prims tram I built on SL but since door scripts and seats scripts were not mine (I bought them on SL to specific stores) the Tram rezzed perfectly on Kitely but it had no doors neither sit balls
  3. I met rita and deal with her several times, she is a wonderful person and knows how to make a bsiness and establish real friendiship, offering valuable items to help instead of selling sometimes. Its a shame that some lasy folks get jealous just because they did items for basic use and offered full perms and than when they see their items on an improved productt, instead of feeling proud, they do what Rita explained. Time will do you justice rita, never change, you will succeed
  4. Make Membership 3 times more expensive and offer a full region to Premium Members, like the non tier 512 sq m, I would not mind paying lots more to Premium but have my 1 Sim to be able to try something cool without paying A LOT each week - Each ek I think seriously about giving up from my full rented region and my business is growing, but 7 days is to short and here come tier again
  5. Olá, parabéns pela força e obrigado pela oportunidade Venho divulgar um grupo Português recente, mas que já está a crescer rápido, para encontros RL e SL de partilha de experiencias e recusos sobre o Second Life Aqui está >>> http://www.meetup.com/secondlifept/ Muito obrigado - Carlos Loff / sl - Loff Auer
  6. Dont like it Inworld should always be inworld For me things only got worse, if i want to check web profiles i go to websites I takes much longer to find people, open profiles and IM them, clicking is a hell now sl geting worse on this point SL IS ABOUT INWORLD, what are you guys doing to SL ???
  7. What SL has to offer and that is what teases me to spend money and even have a Homestead now is that SL is different from anything else Inworld has all the tools for everything, buy, sell, communicate SL IS ABOUT - INWORLD DONT SPLIT THINGS AND PEOPLE - CONCENTRATE ON WHAT YOU HAVE UNIQUE TO OFFER all the tools are there - INWORLD
  8. This is how it works SL is one of a kind - Nothing reaches even its toes, other way we would all be gone there, at least trying in parallel SL RULES SO WHY IMPROVE ??? WHY CARE ???
  9. I would hate to see LL creating themed areas First of all it spoils all the philosophy of SL, the users must be the creators and explorers Finaly, it would crash any small interpeneur that wished to vallue its land, either for usse or rent, cause we could never do a park, sports or games as free and rich and script resistent as LL, lol, for obvious reasons Who would visit one´s garden or sky resort or beach if LL had their own, 10 times bigger and diverse, professionaly crafted, mass publicized and crowded sims where 200 avis could join and 500 scripts would not do a scratch ??? They prov
  10. Well, I could say there are some exceptions for inworld shopping If I decide to buy an expensive prefab or, lets say, am elaborated expensive pet or wild animal, like the whale I bought, I surely use SL Market, cause Inworld search just does not work. But I would never do the final purchase without checking the item Inworld, rezzed or checking the prefabs rezzer parcel Maybe a dress or a texture or simple objects do not need Inworld but complex or expensive 3D spacial creations like homes, etc, still do need Would you buy a 10K castle or skyscraper before checking it closely Inworld ? My
  11. I understand you totally and agree, but there will always be big fish that will afford free concerts and free services just for the fun Small fish will be driven off and the small fish is the most innovative SL is as free and potential as RL thats its magic - If some guys bring lots of investment, well, is like the RL, I should find a way to do better with less, but the starting point is still to hard How many of you would not venture into having 1 or 2 full regions and try to develop your dreams, enriching the SL offer if Sims were 1/3 the price ? Well they can be 1/3 if al free users star
  12. Hitomi, they will go on doing it if they have to be a pay user account, it would be just an extra for LL and small Entrepeneurs to breathe Having a pay account, witch is not that costly for access to such a wonderful world as SL is does not prevent anyone form doing is usual shops and spendings and earnings
  13. Rene, you have a good point over there, sure, but the actual model is proven disastrous in many other ways, this is a question of saving SL wile competitors still have only a third of SL features to offer The only reason why SL is still here is because they are the only ones to offer so much, but few users are paying for many Good to read all this in here - Finally I get it, what is going on with SL - To many server care and cost and to few payers, that is why LL earns a lot but does not have investment resources left, besides profit (lol) to really improve or lower tiers, etc - We, the smal
  14. After reading many comments I arrive to the following conclusions 1 - To many free account users for so much server performance demand to include free users 2 - Entrepeneurs and land buyers are paying for all, yet LL has no spare to invest seriously 3 - There should be no free users 3.1 - I know that will stop many new curious registers 3.2 - But let come in only who really values SL enough to have a pay account 3.3 - SL may than improve a lot, etrepeneus may breathe and overall contents and performance may be improved SAVE SL ON THE LONG TERM
  15. SL is a bit flat and you should seriously consider allowing small entrepeneurs to develop, by cutting down costs on land price and tier - That may only show benefits on the long term but I assure you it will really be worth cause right now small people with great and inovative ideas will stay out, even if they try, land price and tiers is to heavy for a single person investment, we all know it takes 4 to 6 months of tiers to start sghowing positive economic resultsafter setting up a Sim, when we speak about a single sim and a single person Help the small fish and have a biodiversity ocean
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