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  1. Nothing has changed. The wording has been updated to reflect the policy. It doesn't mean you can't get your L$ from any other exchange, if you want to. The LindeX has been the only authorised exchange since 2006. The other exchanges are (as always) unauthorised (but permitted) and the TOS lays out how Linden Lab normally deals with any fraudulent transactions that take place. If English isn't your first language, you might easily misinterpret the usage of the word "authorised" in this context. So, nothing to see here. It is as it has been for some years now.
  2. At some point a few years ago, I was given a replacement shader that file made all textures that were flagged 'shiny' into reflecting mirrors. It was quite cool (although, yes, it worked the card very hard). Just doing that was not a good option, mind - since not all 'shiny' flagged surfaces are intended to be reflective.and the workload on the viewer of making all shiny surfaces into mirror surfaces can really bog the GPU down in some locations. Nevertheless, it can be done - but it requires a new texture flag, for all faces and all objects. Even one lousy flag actually represents a huge increase in asset storage.
  3. According to the Terms of Service that we all agreed to, Linden Lab retains ownership over all of the virtual items at all times (property law agrees with that as well, due to the inevitable structure of the service). Whether that's what you or I might consider right or wrong, according to your contract with Linden Lab, they remain the final arbiter insofar as the disposition of any Second Life currency and assets you might have goes. All of that said, it isn't in the Lab's interests to appear to be capricious about it (though some have certainly felt that they seem to be at times). To-date there is only one country that has made a ruling that overturns the normal model of property law and shifts "ownership" of virtual goods away from the service provider and to the user. For the rest of us, the Lab owns everything and allows us to use the stuff "in its sole discretion." That's what we all agreed to anyways. There's additional dimensions to this, but that's the basics.
  4. I've been around for a while, and I'm happy to talk. Best if you avoid any mention of SL as a game. It's a contentious topic, and those few who refer to it as a game haven't, so far, been able to provide any non-circular reeasoning for the stance.
  5. One of the things that I chart is the relative instability of the Second Life grid. While there have clearly been some 'exciting' peaks in instability that can be traced to specific issues with databases, hardware failures, introduced bugs and the like, grid instability is usually one of the flatter, less exciting-looking charts.
  6. Linden Lab. Rightly or wrongly, it's hard to take a complaint about a company's actions or inactions seriously from someone who doesn't know enough about the company to get the name right. People are just like that.
  7. The Lab did it (just the once, as I recall) some years back. Then never did it again - It might have been because of all the fuss and hassle and criticism.
  8. WADE1 Jya wrote: Perception is everything. So if common perception is Linden Lab does not care about us anymore that is the reality. If they are wise, they would work hard to change this impression. Put some huge energy into showing they do care. Customer service (such as Dakota) they are nice, but impression of company higher-ups is they either despise us, see us as a resource to exploit, or simply don't care about us. Thus perception of Linden Lab as a company is very poor & that essentially is management's fault. They have an image problem they need to work on -- big time. Concur. When it comes to making decisions about where to spend time and money, perceptions (particularly negative perceptions) and expectations are often more important than realities.
  9. LuciaRiley wrote: honerken wrote: I honestly don't think LL ever cared about their users, especially when half their answers are basically, "residental desputes, solve it on your own." LOL, so true. I've talked to a friend on SL who had their life threatend and LL didn't do anything about it. They even made an AR or two and included a detailed report. I'm guessing if someone threatens to harm me IRL on SL I better just consider it a residential dispute! It'd be illegal for LL to get involved in most situations between users. If you have your lfie threatened, you talk to the police. If someone cheats you, you go to a small-claims court. Linden Lab could and should enforce its terms-of-service and community-standards - vigorously, but if someone breaks the law? Getting involved in that sort of thing is much the same as dressing up like a giant bat, and beating up villains on the streets at night. It sounds cooler than it is.
  10. Indeed, and there are some things that are inherent to the capabilities of the system. Things that can't be fixed while keeping existing, core features. They're the price that's paid for being able to do certain things at all. EDIT: This has given me an idea for another article, which I will set to writing.
  11. Klackie Alsop wrote: What new products? An interactive storytelling platform that allows people to create content for others, and another, unannounced non-SL product for mobile devices, I understand. Things that don't draw any resources away from SL development, and are relatively cheap to produce but with a large potential payoff.
  12. ollieoutie89 wrote: they havent fixed SL in a while. theyr letting it run into the ground and its frustrating! do they just not care for their users anymore? There are literally dozens of fixes to SL each and every week. In the last 12 months, Linden Lab has been producing fixes and updates for SL at least an order of magnitude faster than I've ever seen the company produce output before. Have you been reading the lists of changes and bugfixes that come out with each update? I'm guessing there's something specific you have in mind that has been bothering you that hasn't been fixed.
  13. If it's avatars that clearly appear to be adults, but are dressed like babies or children, then move on, sex or no sex. If it's avatars that are intended to look like children/minors involved in sexual situations, then you can file an abuse-report against an individual user, being sure to specify the time and location of the problem activity so that Linden Lab and/or its agents can check server logs. Linden Lab does not accept abuse reports about groups or about classes of people, so you'll need to report people one at a time when they break the rules.
  14. Linden Lab uses a company called 888/Dragonfish for payments processing. Specific limitations on exactly which payment methods that are supported or unsupported (on any given day) seem to be down to the payment processor and what they're choosing or able to support, based on a number of factors (including which methods have the highest fraud or chargeback rates associated with them). I know that's not a terribly helpful response, but that's how it works.
  15. That is indeed a scam. It's been going around for years. A bunch of people keep sending this sort of thing around, and there's little that can be done about it. I'm not sure why people would think that they'd be paid Linden Dollars for it - or why they think it would really have come from Linden Lab (who already have your email address confirmed, right?).
  16. This is the place to get answers from other users. If you want answers from Linden contractors, you need to contact support. If you want answers from Linden employees, you either have to contact one directly, or go through the Lab's public relations office.
  17. Short version, the economy appears to still be flat. That is, there's nothing to suggest that it is significantly up or down compared to say a year ago.
  18. Absolutely, that's the sort of thoughtful speech that he should have led off with.
  19. Josh Susanto wrote: Commerce Team Linden would seem to be a public figure, and not a person. See? That right there is why you should talk to a lawyer first. Josh Susanto wrote: That will be sort of a moot point after LL gets liquidated in 6 months anyway, and I seriously doubt they'll succed with legal action against me in that time, especially since they'll have to explain to people why they were swatting flies instead of digging themselves out from under a mountain of their own fecal matter. The legal people are separate, and I don't think reasonable people think that a business employing over 200 people can only do one thing at a time, especially when they're in entirely different domains. Josh Susanto wrote: In the meantime, my IMVU CommerceTeam Linden bot will mostly just regurgitate absurd statements from CTL's posts on this forum. Surely that doesn't automatically qaualify as defamation, does it? Only if you omit the context. But it is classic trademark infringement, either way. There's no question of that in my mind - and in order to keep the trademark, the Lab would have to take action against you as soon as it became aware of it. If a trademark holder doesn't take action, they can lose the trademark. Plus, you also lost at least one legal leg when you made the original forum post. Like I said, it would make entertaining theatre, and it would be interesting to see how the Lab tackles it, and what causes of action they'd select.
  20. That would all depend on what you do or say. Defamation can be of a specific person, a group of people, or an organisation. Also, the use of the word "Linden" in association with anything said or done that relates to or refers to Linden Lab or Second Life can be treated as trademark infringement. Obviously, you'd be legally free and clear to express negative opinions under a different name - so long as you didn't present any opinion as fact. Can of worms, though. Makes for interesting theatre, but I'd talk to a lawyer first.
  21. I imagine that there's very little you could do with an IMVU account by that name that would not be actionable defamation.
  22. Sounds like you don't have any legal grounds against Linden Lab itself - nothing you've described obligates the Lab to step in and take action on your behalf. If you choose, however, you can get a lawyer, and file a John Doe lawsuit against the accounts involved. If the court feels you have sufficient grounds to proceed, it can then issue an order for Linden Lab to identify the defendants. It's by no means going to be cheap, however. You'll probably want a few thousand dollars to get the ball rolling.
  23. Dazza Staheli wrote: yes ty for that .. that was suggested to me today , my concern with that was that they are from an middle east counrty and i am not sure on the regulations or laws that apply there , I think it is safe to say that what they're doing is likely not lawful almost anywhere. Getting any legal recourse might be more difficult, however. Is there any way you can simply set the targeted regions to invitation-only groups until something more can be done?
  24. Porky Gorky wrote: Rod told us in his blog that the Lab would be focusing on projects not related to SL. No, he didn't actually - though it is widely said that he did. He said that SL would remain the primary focus of the Lab - and that they would be hiring some extra people to work on non-SL projects. In any case, the Q4 figures are usually somewhere between 4-10 weeks into the new year. The Lab is always super-busy in Q1, and nobody ever seems to know why.
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