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  1. Hello! Any bento riggers interested in full time splits profit work please contact Eilfie Sugarplum in world for hire. Thanks!
  2. Hello! Any bento riggers interested in full time splits profit work please contact Eilfie Sugarplum in world for hire. Thanks!
  3. Hello! I want to create a fully operational bubblegum machine! I have the Bubblegum machine mesh, I would like a ball of bubblegum to be animated to roll down the runway inside the machine and come out of the prize door of the machine just like in real life. As well as sound and light show triggers implemented into the script. Any suggestions or tips would be appreciated. Any scripters interested in doing this job please contact Eilfie Sugarplum in world for hire. Thanks!
  4. I am looking for an experienced, fast and professional scripter to help me script a simple mesh gumball machine. We want a light show mechanism built into the machine as well as an animated ball spinning down the machine and out of the prize door. Please send a notecard with your name and best quote for this job to resident : Eilfie Sugarplum. Thanks!
  5. seeking a well experienced scripter, looking to make some quick $$$ helping me script my mesh head HUD system please send Eilfie Sugarplum a notecard in world thanks
  6. Hello :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2: Could someone please point me in the direction of a user friendly spell/wand script? I just want to do basic things like throw objects or cast particles on someone. Thanks!
  7. interested in a job? please leave your official sl name here or contact eilfie sugarplum in world.
  8. what kind of script would i need in order to both change textures and the actual mesh for example LOGOs new chloe mesh head can change makeup and facial expressions using a scripted hud
  9. I've made a mesh head and have put some eyes in the sockets that I want to move like normal SL AV eyes do.. I've parented the head and 2 eyes to the armature with empty weights, then assigned the Head weight to the entire head, and the respective Left & RIght eye weights to the eyes. When I began posing my model, the eyes went in either direction and kind of rolled back into their sockets. What's going on here? How can I correct this.
  10. I've noticed a few stores (Redgrave and Angel Red Couture) have talked about releasing liquid mesh or flexi mesh garments... How is this done?
  11. Anyone interested in making some linden for rigging meshes please contact me in world.
  12. thanks a lot is there an easy way to fix this without having to re-do the entire mesh?
  13. when i go to upload my rigged mesh dress, the previewer is empty... i havent actually tried uploading the file in case i end up wasting linden. everything checks out with the uploader, the vertice count and everything is right, im just not seeing anything in the previewer. totally bizarre. -edit: ok so I did upload it and as i suspected, nothing appeared when it was rezzed. i tried one work around, i opened the blender file in another version of blender (not the jass version) and exported the dress again, but this time, the mesh uploader gave me a "dae parsing issue" error. an
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