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  1. 8 hours ago, CaithLynnSayes said:

    So, i wondered what happened, and filed a jira over this (https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-230515) because i use that function all the time, every single day.


    You guys seem to think it is a good idea to systematically reduce or disable options and functions. I can not wrap my head around the fact that you guys seem to think that is a good idea! You guys go to great measures to announce you're going to make everything better, are you? Really? What function are you going to disable next in an effort to make things "better". I don't know what your definition is of the word "improvement", but it ain't that sunshine!


    I've said it in the jira and on occasion in the forums, i defend LL, i understand the complexity behind it. That time has passed. I don't defend LL any longer, i can not. I can not possibly defend this backwards stupid method of "fixing" things.


    The writing is on the wall. Everyone can see it. You changed the pricing for premium members, you absolutely completely thrashed SL and most of its workings with that "uplift". you've broken a good chunk of LSL, Groups are still lagging and all you are desperately trying to is to see what functionality you're trying to take away in order to make it limp along. Fun fact, daily active logged in member numbers are down, so it's not like you're experiencing a surge of users and the servers can't handle it or something. You are a dying company desperately trying to hold on, throwing all kinds of crap to the wall in an effort to see what sticks. Its pathetic. I have no idea what you are doing up there but it is laughable.


    I want you to justify this. I mean really justify it. Tell me how it is possible that your user numbers are down, so by definition less workload on your servers (or the Amazon ones) and yet everything is working worse than it ever has. Justify that please. I'd love to see you come up with something. I'm here all week...




    And fix the damn map tiles!!!

    The change was a LONG time coming as it was first disussed almost 2 whole years ago.


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  2. if llRequestSimulatorData() returns "down", the region is down.

    If llEdgeOfWorld() returns TRUE and llRequestSimulatorData() returns "up", the region is either is suffering from significantly low FPS due to a lag source or is suffering from capacities failure.

    A detailed, but cumbersome alternative explanation if llEdgeOfWorld() returns FALSE and llRequestSimulatorData() returns "up" is as follows:

    If you earlier directly teleported into the region while not already being a child agent of it, left the region as to no longer be a main or child agent of it for a period of time such as 30 minutes and during that time, direct teleported into other regions, then finally came back to a region adjacent to it, you might see this, too.

    This is a bug seen by some, including myself as of the move to AWS and is mentioned here. If you try to directly teleport into the region, the attempt will time out with a disconnect.

    If you log in to the region, you won't be affect by this bug until the next time you remote teleport into it and repeat the process mentioned above again.

    I ruled out Idle status as you are looking into where the region should be, which would make you a child agent of that region and cause it to no longer be in Idle status.

  3. It "might" have something to do with the recent Jelly Dolls code where animation frame is updated based on number of frames that elapsed since the last update.

    It still has areas where it fails such as with animesh, ranking and also screws up outside of the interest list.

    The goal was to attempt to have agents/animesh leaving impostored state on the correct elapsed time frame and not just update animations one sequential frame every second while impostored.

    Other than impostored state, distance from camera is another factor.

  4. Another reason you don't see many sprawling dungeons in SL is strictly because of insane land costs.

    It takes community/group funding to operate such RP worlds/regions full time and/or long term.

    The alternative would be something like JasX games where game environments complete with system, quests and antagonists can be bought buy users, set up in sandboxes and played with one or more people.

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  5. 6 hours ago, Janet Voxel said:

    I’m always baffled why table top rpgs haven’t taken off on secondlife. It’s the perfect environment.

    Because why do old school table top, writing, rolling and imagination in-world when you can do immersive campaigns with actual 3D visuals such as in RPG video games?

    But thanks to LL's lack of offering competitive content creation tools in SL and finishing the few they started, even that common/basic gaming facet is strained to the point where RPG campaigns in-world STILL involve more text, reading & writing than visuals aside from what your own avatar wears, since the fasionista aspect of SL is covered in more ways than one.

    INB4 that one "guy" that takes anyone's mention/usage of "gaming" too literally, I simply mean we need more content creation tools. All manner of commerce would benefit.

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  6. 1 hour ago, Qie Niangao said:

    "World Map? Aw crap, all this time I've been working on world hunger!"

    That will be remedied before World Map tiles, so at least something good will come out this.

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  7. There is no amount of open/unconnected land/sea/air space/cosmos, nor region/world size that can satiate a vehicle supremacist's/sovereign citizen's needs. None.

    There will always be something/someone/somewhere to complaint about and always more needs cited and rules to be adjusted in their own personal favor.


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  8. On 2/5/2021 at 3:19 PM, xLeadMarex said:

    Hello! Is there any horse focused sims that either do roleplaying or provide homes for feral horse avatars? Or even have a system where human avatars can adopt or own horse avatars or something? Cause lately I only see animesh pets.

    There's also an MMO called Star Stable if you can't find adequate RP in SL.

  9. 1 hour ago, Prokofy Neva said:

    Why, given your views about gaming as superior, and the die-hards still playing SL, don't you wish that SL would just die? 

    Oh, because it hasn't died. It lives.

    So why do you want to kill it off? You could go to one of those superior worlds the kids are raving about like Roblox and play and develop there.

    In all of my rants, I've never uttered anything remotely to "I wish SL would just die, already!".

    I want this platform to evolve, not stagnate.

    I have tough love for SL. I've logged into SL literally all but 30 days total in the last 15 years. How many can make that claim?

    But I am not a blind, devoted fanboi who thinks everything is all right all the time and no bad decisions can ever come from management or developers.

    I participate in all the user group meetings, participate in the feature beta periods and am ranked #2 in bug report filings at https://jira.secondlife.com/

    If that isn't love and devotion for this platform, IDK what else is.

    Should I apply to be the next VP of Engineering? Should I make a significant "contribution" in hopes of becoming a board member?

    I'm certainly not just going to be silent if I think there are areas that need improvement.

    I've invested too much time/money/interest and will continue to do so.

    Again, it's tough love, not hatred.

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  10. 1 hour ago, Milk Pixelmaid said:

    what do those kawaii emojis have to do with furries? 

    Other than what is mentioned here usage of uwu later evolved into its own onomatopoeia, similar to a wolf's howl and is typically channeled by those who have personified their "spirit animals", heh.

    Fun Fact(not mentioned in that link) Cham Cham from Samurai Showdown 2 was the first uwu user way back in 1994. 😉

    No, Blanka doesn't count...

  11. 1 hour ago, Rolig Loon said:

    Oh,  that's not it,  as far as I know. The one person limit creates the only way to close a group.  Drop membership to one, wait 48 hours,  and the group is history. They could probably have found another way to kill a group,  but having that limit makes it easy. 

    How about, if the last/sole member leaves the group it finally gets closed then and there? Maybe with a warning that if they leave the group, it will be closed.

    This would usually be anyone with officer/owner capability and would be the norm if a controlled "kill" was desired/needed as support isn't going to remove people from a group to get it disbanded unless said people are banned by LL and not showing in the group list but still count toward the member count.

    I guess I should bring it up in a user group meeting some time.

    I recently created half a dozen groups just for deeding purposes and ownership distinguishing within the opertations of an application, but had to involve another account just to keep from losing them.

    Just seems ridiculous/antiquated these days.

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  12. I never understood that policy. You paid for it. Why require more than one person within ANY time limit? The group name can't be reused once it's lost.

    What's the worst maintaining a single member group would allow? Cause additional hits in search? Maybe it's a group others might want to join if found by search and not by explicit advertisement or being tied to land that has to be visited.

  13. 1 hour ago, SimplifyKidd said:

    I like it! 

    I will see if I can figure it out 🙂

    Another thing to consider if you go the rotate-to-hide route is to offer left and right hiding depending on which side of the screen an HUD is as some people like their HUDs on one side or the other. Attach point might have to be referenced as attach position is local to the attach point.

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  14. 4 hours ago, Rolig Loon said:

    And remember that the minimum allowable dimension for any object in SL is 0.01m. If you try to shrink a multiprim object, you'll find that you'll hit the limit when the smallest prim in your linkset hits that minimum dimension.  It pays to think ahead when you are designing a HUD.

    This is why if a static reference, such as the root link's size, isn't already used, llGetMinScaleFactor() & llGetMaxScaleFactor() should be referenced prior to using llScaleByFactor() as the former references the 0.01m lower scale limit and the latter references the 64.0m upper scale limit as well as the 54m encompassed link distance limit.

    As a word of caution, though, I would not use the exact values returned by those two functions else you risk link position/scale drift due to precision loss. I would stick to "simple" increments and stay "just" above the minimum and "just" below the maximum.

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  15. 3 hours ago, Alex0Eagle said:

    This information will provide animators a set of target shape heights and bodytypes they can use to optimize their animations.

    The standard height for couple's animation creation has been 180 cm for over a decade. Animation makers have quoted this height in their product notecards.

    If LL would evolve animation protocol to finally allow more flexible IK control or even make use of IK's outside of system animations, like many of today's MMO's/games do then body/limb lengths wouldn't be much of a factor with any use case, especially couples/interactive poses/scenes.

    The male body shape flag adds an additional 0.0848 meters to height.

    I think you should include what mesh body is worn as "natural propotions" will affect what overall height a user will decide on.

    Also, with certain furry avatars and certain hybrid avatars (half human / half animal) leg options can result in people being taller than "average".

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