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  1. 7 hours ago, Doc Carling said:

    I understand. That's what you want? A forum of "yes" sayers? Ssshhh...oh God, don's say the "no" word, please. lol  Oh my, even Adam and Eve got tired of the daily harmony and peace in paradise. 😛


    Why do I feel like a Coke now? 🤔

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  2. 10 hours ago, animats said:

    The Make Money Fast crowd is taking over the virtual world industry.

    You mean Launder Money Fast Invest Money in less Regulated "Markets" Fast.

    10 hours ago, animats said:

    I just hope that the new owners of Linden Lab don't try to go in this direction. It won't end well.

    They hopped on the VR hype train and got burned bad. It isn't out of the question the new owners might steer the slow sinking ship into a reef if it means they might make a dime in the process.

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  3. When an account is placed on hold, there usually is a reason sent to the email associated with the account.

    What was the reason for the hold?

    6 hours ago, animats said:

    Maybe that's changing.

    The only way that would change is if someone with enough authority at the Lab finally decided on their own or was told from someone above them that true/correct analytics matter more than fake/inflated concurrency. Features, marketing & commerce depend on an accurate representation of actual users.

  4. From my own head & body stats data(which I'll release once I feel I have a satisfactory "chunk" of data), I see many Belleza - Freya owners moving to either Meshbody - Legacy Female or to Inithium - Kupra and some moving to Maitreya - Lara. I see many Belleza - Jake owners moving to either Meshbody - Legacy Male, Meshbody - Legacy Male Athletic or Signature - Gianni and some moving to Maitreya - Lara + V-Tech - Boi Chest. I'm not kidding on that last one.

    Along with worn head, body, mod counts, I also track worn head, body mod changes.

  5. Polls was a feature I pitched to the Web team.

    Use could still be constructive and/or fun.

    Any feature can be abused/misused.

    Just making a post with ANY topic that someone disagrees with can have the same outcome.

    Even the various pet threads offended someone.

    And I like Santana too. 🙂


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  6. See the following bug reports on this issue:




    I think the consensus is that there is no non-hacky way to address this.

    The most common workaround is after stopping targetomega, make a small rotation adjustment then set the original rotation.

    From my own testing earlier, the amount of rotation depends on how close the object is to your camera, ie, a 0.001 degree change will trigger an update at close camera distance, but not far distances.


    llSleep(0.03); //allow a minimum of 1 server frame to elapse to attempt to separate effects into individual update packets, else llSetRot() effect 'might' not be seen
    rotation r = llGetRot();
    llSetRot(llEuler2Rot(<0.0,0.0,0.001> * DEG_TO_RAD) * r);
    llSleep(0.03); //allow a minimum of 1 server frame to elapse to attempt to separate effects into individual update packets, else llSetRot() effect 'might' not be seen
    rotation r = llList2Rot(llGetLinkPrimitiveParams(link,[PRIM_ROT_LOCAL]),0);
    llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(link,[PRIM_ROT_LOCAL,llEuler2Rot(<0.0,0.0,0.001> * DEG_TO_RAD) * r]);


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  7. On 3/9/2021 at 6:36 AM, Qie Niangao said:

    [At the risk of falling victim to Poe's Law... but it's obscure enough that not everybody knows, so...]

    With "Mesh" LI accounting, script count sure does affect LI. The wiki has the formula (the detailed "server weight" component of Land Impact as outlined in the Knowledge Base). Basically, server weight of an unscripted link is 0.5, to which scripts in the object can add 0.25 each up to the total number of links:

    So this most often hits me when I have a little two-link object that's coming in with a LI of 1... and then add AVsitter or other scripts to bump the server weight up to 1.5 or more, doubling the object's LI (to 2).

    And this ridiculous formula is why I filed a request for something different.

    As it currently stands, you can drop 500 scripts into a prim and its land impact will still be 1.

  8. It doesn't matter who is in charge of what. If they continue operation like they have in years prior, things will always be apparent:

    They don't/won't hire developers to work ONLY on developing features so the multitasking/workload juggling will continue to consume 99% of development time and drag out the evolution of this platform ten fold as always. No "successul" "gaming" company would structure its developer staffing this way. According to Ebbe they once had almost 70 people working on Sansar. You tell me they can't hire at least one developer to work on features full time, even if they might become the envy of everyone else at the lab?

    What they prioritize feature-wise will always show a level of disconnect with the userbase. Many features get chosen not on the merits/necessity of evolving the platform, but on personal preference and convenience. As stated once by the previous VP of Engineering, these features are pulled from an internal wishlist and not from the long list of feature requests filed by the users. This is why many of the recent "wouldn't this be a great idea?!" features prioritized by the previous VP of Engineering had to be axed/nerfed or broke content needlessly. This and because they refused to give said features any feedback from the community until they already showed up in "QA'd" rough draft form in the server release notes page or were already rolled out to the servers. Every single major feature has been partially implemented, mostly due to lack of community input. Whenever community input finally happened, once these major features had internally gone far beyond storyboard mode and their core facets/functionality set in stone and work scheduled, any mention of critical/necessary components is met with "We'll do it in a follow-up." which, if it even happens at all, takes place literally years down the road when they're already thinking of the next major feature to partially implement, again without user feedback starting day1.

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  9. 16 hours ago, Ardy Lay said:

    Seriously though, are Second Life simulators still in need of a restart every ten days or so?

    Sadly it seems so. It mainly depends on how often you have unique visitors coming and going in your region and what they're wearing as far as complex mesh and maybe scripts.

    It also can depend on the level of physics used in the region and/or unique mesh/scripted objects are regularly, but randomly rezzed too.

    It's like there are several areas where memory is not cleaned up or released properly/fully.

    The longer these kinds of regions run, you start seeing varying FPS drops with ANY agent entry or mesh/scripted/physical object rezzing.

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  10. 7 hours ago, VioletVelvetRose said:

    I downgraded my account to basic and still have about 3 weeks left on my premium, I have decided to go back to premium but I can't cancel the downgrade or go back to premium as it states the downgrade process has been inatiated, how can I change this?, also It won't allow me to get a linden home even though I have time left on my premium.

    Curious what made you change your mind.

  11. 19 hours ago, Qie Niangao said:

    Thing is, though, both of these systems and other general-purpose animation engines all use several scripts, which is overkill for very simple seating, and having multiple scripts can add Land Impact to multi-link objects. I don't have a recommendation for an alternative (I tend to just hack up a quick and dirty script myself), but maybe there are good options somebody else knows about. It would be a good deed if somebody recombined the basic [AV]sitA and -B scripts, stripped out less common features to fit in the memory limit and reissued the open source result; this project is just big enough it never rises to the top of my stack.

    Would be great if we could just get larger script capability some year.

    Another concerning thing that is happening in the "adult" furniture industry in regards to resource usage is many retailers are packaging a ton of third party features such as P & V support, specific/generic head brand face animations, hand animations, INM, INAM, teledildonics support, sound packs, etc. into their releases and these add even more scripts.

    It sadly is becoming common to see such furniture with 30 - 40 scripts in them...

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  12. 41 minutes ago, RunawayBunny said:

    I believe they had a grid for teens called teen grid and it not worked out they shut it down.

    Perhaps SL not correct platform for younger audience because hard to control. User created content might suitable or not suitable for young audience.

    When I say "younger" I'm not talking attracting the same age dynamic as Roblox.

  13. I've told SL devs for years that if they want to attract and entertain a younger audience in SL, they need to implement some competitive gaming tools/mechanics or give us script features to do it, but they'd rather focus on a non-graphical mobile app and call it "Mission Accomplished". 🙄

  14. 17 hours ago, Rowan Amore said:

    What @TT120said but also they've been working on a feature in map that renders mesh better since apparently people have asked for it.  They didn't get into anything in-depth.  You should watch it.


    15 hours ago, Rowan Amore said:

    If I remember correctly (not rewatching), the mesh rendering was started before the uplift and then the map broke which put the new feature on hold until they fixed what was broken.


    6 hours ago, Rowan Amore said:

    Well,.that's what I said.  The upgrade was being worked on before the uplift and since then, the map hasn't worked so the upgrade has been shelved for now.

    They weren't going to add the features to the broken map.

    This is not a thing. It has only been a suggestion/wishlist item brought up in the server and content creation meetings recently.

    Oz said in the interview that there are no map features being worked on, only getting the operation working again.

    Map features can come later.


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