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  1. Now I understand why you suggested earlier on in this thread that you would like to see change & CHANGED_PARCEL Long and short of it then is that you're in the process of fixing the detach HUD on parcel & region change. Thanks Black
  2. "The auto-detaching behaviour hinders content creation." I have to disagree with this statement Lucia - using a temp attachment for a teleport hud (in my case) which is relevant to the parcel that issued it means that the visitor is not getting extra inventory clutter As for why the temp attachment is being detached makes perfect sense and thank you for posting the JIRA link. Black
  3. I have no idea if anything has changed over night but changing region now works like changing parcel for me? Colour me confused! Black
  4. Walk onto a parcel that your Experience cannot run on (it has not been allowed) and the Experience will stop running. Temp HUD’s are detached / agent no longer animated. This is done with no efforts on the part of the person who wrote the Experience script. However, when walking into a new adjoining region you have to request Experience permissions to detach HUD’s / Stop animations etc otherwise the script will throw legacy script errors. To my mind this is wrong – the change of region should handled in the way as change parcel. Hope this makes it clearer Black
  5. That is the point I am trying to make Lucia - if I drop onto the next parcel (same region) then the Experience seems to gracefully stop running detaching and stopping animations - error message and all is good in the world. When walking into the next region (Sim) then I have to request all permissions again so that I can stop them. I know the permission request is going to fail as I don't have the necessary permissions to run the Experience on the adjoining sim - this is why I was wondering if this was a bug.
  6. Walking / flying to a different parcel or region When walking or flying to a parcel where my Experience is not permitted to run when wearing a scripted attachment changing to the new parcel animations stop, attachments detach and Experience error message shows = expected behaviour. When changing though to a connected region I need to request experience permissions again to be able to detach and stop animations otherwise legacy script errors show? I was wondering if this was a bug?! Thanks Black
  7. Posting this here for myself for possibly the next time. Notepad Settings Preferences Tab Settings Tab size: 4 [x] Replace by space Black
  8. Hello Amethyst, I'd set up notepad++ as my external editor from a sl script.as per: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LSL_Alternate_Editors Going to keep digging - it's got to be in there somewhere! Thanks Black
  9. I use notepad for scripting as 1 it reminds me to save locally and 2 I can have font bigger but something is driving me bonkers and I can't see where to get rid of it? Here is a copy and paste of the text default { state_entry() { llSay(0, "Hello, Avatar!"); } touch_start(integer total_number) { llSay(0, "Touched."); /* These comments have been added in Notepad++ */ llOwnerSay("How can I get rid of the characters to the left of this text (next to the line numbers)?"); } } I'm using the default sl viewer Thanks Black
  10. So I create an experience to plugin to an existing build and everything is working as expected. 3 questions; 1). The person that bought the build annoys another resident who subsequently AR's the experience. Does this mean that every experience created by Me is stopped grid-wide or just the one that has been AR'd whilst the circumstances are being investigated? 2). Do we use the same experience name for everything we create? 3). To sell an experience the person buying it would need to have at the very least land powers to rez the experience object. I'm guessing they would then need to add the experience to the parcel / region approved list? I don't think these questions have been asked here before. Thanks Black
  11. Thank you Dolphin - I will give it some thought
  12. I am only going to be using this on a parcel but here is the LSL funtion details: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlGetAgentList
  13. Not sure if this will work but I am sort of planning to use the following. Helper script on parcel to record who is on parcel, if new player (visitor) then add them to the watch list and issue a HUD. The HUD could then record scores or whatever and when the user leaves the parcel then the helper script could close off the record? The helper script & HUD shouldn't actually need to talk to each other keeping comms to a minimum? I am currently using something similar to record visitor durations on our parcel and am hoping that this may work!
  14. Dolphin, Is it worth actually putting this forward as a feature request for experiences? Even though it will only be updating a viewer setting and can be edited back by the user... hey, this sounds like a quick fix for Loki's issue also! Please-try-fix-this-bug-before-you-release-Experience-tools Thanks Black
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