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  1. I did not know that about Founders rights, I was wondering about that if i'd quit if it'd do that or not, neat information to know! Thank you! Also - it's not the group I have issues with, as Rhonda mentioned, it's people contacting me after the fact, simply because my name was still under 'creator' I haven't been in the group for over 4 years but still get messages about people coming to me with questions regarding the business and I just... was kinda hoping for a way to make it stop LOL, but seeing as I can't, I will be able to live with it and just keep directing them to the current owner. Thanks again, you guys have been awesome
  2. Well that definitely sucks LOL, boo Thank you so much for your response I appreciate it, I will attempt to contact them and see if they have options, and if not i will survive. Thank you for your help
  3. Hello :) I ask with interest, a google search didn't provide me the answers I was looking for and was hoping some of you may be able to help. over 5 years ago now, I created a group which for the past 4 years now I have not been a part of, I still get messages because my name was set as the creator of the group, of people asking for information pertaining to it. I'm not a part of these groups, affiliated with the business, or have any desire to be contacted regarding them anymore, is there a way to get this name changed or removed, or exchanged for the current owner of the group instead? I'm assuming something like this would be done through linden labs, or if there is another way I'm not aware of yet, does anyone know? Thanks in advance for any help :)
  4. OH jeeze, I am so sorry, I thought I did i had to re-read it after your comment and now i just feel like a fool. *shakes head* sorry ladies! Thanks for pointing that out! haha. I was going to ask the vendor, but i know the vendor was the male in the picture, I was hoping to find someone that may recognize it before asking as i'd have to ask him to ask her to tell me. I wanted to exhaust all other options first before bothering the creator with my request (Though I did buy the pose too, it's too cute!) I actually asked another group of lovelies that i'm in, in SL, and someone actually recognized it as the Lamb. Nevermind hair from this months round of the Arcade (it was the female hair in the picture I was going gaga over) On the upside in my journey i think i discovered atleast 10 stores I never really knew of and found some incredible other hairs along the way! Thanks for all of your help and ideas! I appreciate it!
  5. Thanks Bobbie! I'm gonna have to try to get in touch, I didn't even find anyting close in my own attempts I did find lots of nice hairs though and new stores I never really knew of! Haha.
  6. Hello everyone *waves!* So at the mens department tonight, I fell in love with a hair in an ad. I have searched marketplace high and low, in the process have drowned myself in demo's, with still no luck in finding this specific hair. If you happen to recognize it, and would be willing to share what store it can be found from or if it was limited at an event somewhere and i've missed it, that would be amazing! Thank you so much in advance for any help you can provide! 
  7. I've been noticing this too over the past 48-72 hours now. It seems that as soon as the marketplace beta option was added that i'm no longer able to save log in details, it could just be a bug that they may be working on at the moment. If you notice on MP now it has the option to switch to a BETA verison of the search engine, i've tried it once or twice but always just stick with the original, though i'm noticing it's just not keeping me logged in, i'm not too too worried about it as i'm sure it will be rectified, but for right now yeah, it's definitely happening, and it could be directly involved with that implemented beta.
  8. My husband and I are obsessed with the Blake Sea - but you're right! The cost of 'buying' a parcel there is... almost unreasonable and it's no doubt that a lot of those parcels for rent stay for rent, or are generally 'abandoned' What we have done the first time was take a sail boat, and spend hours just sialing around - you find a lot of people renting out property. We were lucky enough to find a 1/4 sim parcel with 3750 prim with direct open access to the blake sea, nothing was neater than hopping on a jetski and taking off for a few hours without needing to TP anywhere. The second time, we did something similar - we started at a friends tropical retreat "Lago De Prata (which also has rentals available if you are interested in rainforest type theme) and eventually found our current home only a couple of sims away, once again directly on the sea. OUr tier is reasonable, actually it's cheaper than any other parcels NOT on mainland let alone the blake sea, it is an amazing deal The deals are out there if you wish to RENT a parcel from a company, you just gotta do the hunting to find em! They aren't always listed on marketplace, so sometimes searching around manually is your best bet, even if you use a helicopter or plane and just keep the map open and check out every single possible yellow spot, some will be available. And it is so worth it :3 Good luck on your land hunt!!!!!!! I hope you find what you're lookin for! ^^
  9. Does anyone know if this hud is still available and if so, where it can be found? Or if not, is there an alternative that is equally as impressive as a possible suggestion? I've looked everywhere between marketplace searches to google searches, I find a lot of reference to people using this tool but can't find it itself. Looks like an incredible photography tool, would love to be able to try it! Thanks in advance for the help/advice!
  10. I am sorry to hear of your experience in SL. This is the way I see things, maybe it can help? Who knows, I just like to type For someone or a couple who are married in SL to be on SL in the first place, seeking anything outside of friendship - is a surefire sign that there is trouble in RL... perhaps that couple is missing something that they feel they need to be happy, be it missing affection, wanting to feel wanted, perhaps that comfort zone was too powerful in RL that it could not be broken. And you find yourself yearning for what's missing, and SL provides the perfect scapegoat for that by uniting people from all areas of the world who could possibly be going through similar situations. To find someone in SL that you have a ton of chemistry with and get along with famously is not uncommon, that is how I met my husband. I too was trapped in an RL situation that I wanted out of badly but didn't have the confidence or strength to do so. He supported me, stuck with me even through all of that, and helped me realize what I had to do - I got the courage to LEAVE, because my happiness was more important than being in a situation that was slowly draining me of any desire to keep trying. Because of him I was able to get a second chance at life, now him and I are together, we are long distance me in Canada, him in the US, but with compromise we take trips back and forth to see eachother every couple of months, with plans to move in together within the next couple of years. I do question why he was so interested and then suddenly stopped and was willing to date another person, perhaps he felt he overstepped lines by taking it into RL and his guilt overweighed his feelings, and simply sought out someone that he didn't share that RL connection with. Are you unhappy with your husband? Do you wish to stay that way? What means more to you in the end, because these are the questions you need to sit down and ask yourself, what matters most? What makes YOU Happy, life is too short to stay where things aren't working out, if you're finding yourself missing what makes you happy you need to consider other alternatives, or you will never feel complete and whole. I wish you the best in any endeavour, and that you never have to go through the pain of losing someone you feel for in SL again
  11. Just like the blake sea is for sailing the mainland has a gigantic highway that you can drive on for hours upon hours, there are rez spots along the highway - if you do a search for "linden highway" it should throw up a ton of options for you to check out and or start your journey from. It's awesome exploring mainland by land, sky, OR water! I recently had a parcel that was on the blake sea, and about 1.5 sims away was the highway, they're both in the same area Good luck and enjoy your adventure!
  12. Thanks you guys! The show all feature helped, they were all hidden amongst them we had to search through but managed to find! Unfortunately didn't make a copy of the applier but will know that for next time lmao. Thank you both!
  13. Hey guys - Just have a question, live chat is currently unavailable and I rely on the advice of the good and helpful residents of this forum! My husband just purchased the tmp male body (Very Niiiice! ;D) However, he purchased a skin applier, went through the steps of installing it into style mode, it went ahead and said it was installed, but is not showing up at all in the tmp hud (he was wearing both at the time) He had put one in yesterday, it now too is gone. The hud has not changed, it is the same he had been using since purchasing the body. But the installed appliers are disappearing. Also, are appliers for TMP body a one use only ordeal? After they say "yay you've installed into stylemode" are they ever useable again or do you need to get another?
  14. Happy Halloweenie! Does anyone know any place to find good/cheap (or even free) Zombie/Ghost AO's? Don't want to spend a ton for something used for one night.
  15. oh trust me, we definitely do! as most of what we do find and do end up doing are generally on our own, we'll explore new places, occasionally check out clubs, go sailing (looooove sailing) or go shopping, and even root through the destination guide, i'm personally excited for halloweens arrival (WOOT HALLOWEEN EVENTS, WOOT HAUNTED HOUSES!), but there are times we'd love to have people around us too, sure we can have fun on our own, but this game is so geared to be social, and sharing it with people makes it even more special than ever, meeting new people that in reality you wouldn't get the opportuity to meet. We'd love people to share the things we normally do by ourselves, not all the time, just sometime, I think we'll end up giving the calender event a chance You guys are so helpful, Thank you for all the ideas ^^
  16. The calendar is a neat idea, I never thought of that, Jandid just mentioned it to me, my only fear would be is that some people (not all people) are down right nasty and disrespectful, and putting it out to the public, you never know who, or what kind of people may show up as you haven't had the chance to talk and get to know them beforehand, though i would love to host parties and stuff like that, but mainly for friends which unfortunately plops us right back to the beginning creating a viscious circle of seclusion lmao.
  17. I came here cause there was the word "satan" and "chapel" in the same sentence, I was not disappointed. I enjoyed the chuckle. Let people do what they want if they want to have chapel/church services in sl, more power to them. Do what you will, may it harm none.
  18. Hey guys - The Wife here We've been trying everything, we've met a few people which is awesome, but we're still not in any grounds to spend time with others and it's rough if nothing is happening, we're just standing there, and he does try and go through destination guide, we check everywhere randomly, we actually found our current home (on the blake sea, yay!!!) through randomly jumping around the map and hitting up populated spots, mind you ours wasn't populated was just a big ole chunk of yellow dollar signs. But we made it a stop on our map tour! The suggestions you guys have posted were lovely, I think we may try and check out some pubs, clubs can be great to relax and listen to music, I have alwyas loved ambrosia, but it's so populated, and hard to talk to anyone unless you're there with a friend already and get thrust into that group. It's so difficult, I remember in 2007 where everyone was eager to be other peoples friends, it was so easy to meet new people, talk to them, and continue friendships, but time does change things. As for Jandid's past posts, that'd be a silly thing to judge someone based on as I know first hand that he is one of the most kind hearted, warm, caring people, that goes above and beyond not just for 'family' but for people he is close to. Other people vent on the forums, nobody should be judged based on that I actually met him and fell in love with him through a post he made on the forums in 2012, lol, if that's what dictates you on making an amazing friend that is always there, i fear you might be missing out on some potentially incredible people to talk to. we'll keep trying, i'd love to log on more, we'd love to establish a group of friends we can game with... loooove board games in sl, we have a little platform with more prim dedicated to games than i'd like to admit LOL, and we never get to use it
  19. I can completely understand your pain, I hope you find what you are looking for. I have been hurt too, nothing is more painful than being an 'sl mother' for so many years, and doing whatever you can to make your family smile, or have fun, only to be left in the end, and of course - when you get mad because feelings are obviously hurt, they'll point the fingers and say IT WAS ALL YOUR FAULT. Or hearing some of the horrible things they've said despite, in one case, spending 3 years accepting a person for who they were only to be turned on so quickly in the end, and talked about like you never were, or never meant anything. I've been left by so many kids now that i'm at the point I won't adopt or do the familiy thing anymore, not to mention I can't handle terrible things being said about a man that wanted nothing more than to be an amazing father figure, and despite trying and trying was always shut down and.. of course, was alwyas 'his fault'. Part of me misses it, but the bigger part remembers the hurt, and how it's just not worth it to feel that way anymore, I still have my two forever daughters, they've been around for 5+ years, and while they aren't as active online, they're still a huge important part of my life, And both my husband and I feel their love - it's not one sided. There's a good home out there though, and good people do exist, finding them is the task at hand. I wish you well stranger, be safe and most importantly, be happy.
  20. Sl isn't a game you can 'pick up and go' like most other games out there, it's progressive - you have to learn how to do things, i've been here 6 years now and i'm still learning how to do new things. Most importantly you have to be willing to learn how to do said things. But on the same plate, SL is not for everyone and not everyone is going to enjoy it Things won't happen over night here in this virtual realm simply because you wish it to be, it does take time and lots of it My only advice is to give it a few days, or a week or two, and see how you feel then, 1 hour isn't enough time to see the potential behind this platform
  21. i've had similar problems to this before, people seeing me one way etc etc, I think all us ladies go through it at one point. But like so many others have said on this post that it really is coming down to SL. Nobody will ever see you as YOU see YOURSELF, but that is the same with RL at the same time right? It shouldn't be about what other people see, they're always going to see something different, be it their graphics low, different windlights as silly as it sounds really make a HUGE difference, I personally stick with CalWL on MID graphics, as it seems to eliminate a lot of face lines which seems to be what's going on for you. In the end, play and tune settings, you can alwyas reset them to default, try different options especialy in the graphic tab with the custom sliders, find what looks best for YOU and don't worry about everyone else because you're alwyas going to look different to them, even if one person sees you the same as you see yourself, i can bet that hundreds will still see much different, choppy, blurred, you name it. Your Avatar is beautiful, in either picture, but SL can be finicky, you hav4e to remember it is a program, it is just technology, and it is very dated, and it will not ever be perfect and flawless, and unfortunately as a resident in SL that's something you either have to accept, or perhaps leave the game. But given the opportunities, the peolpe you can meet, the experiences you can have here, quitting over problems like this would be silly given the time you've invested. Make it so that you're happy with yourself, and everything else will be natural. If someone comments you poorly on your avatar, maybe they should be questioned as to their integrity as an actual friend, because realistically it shouldn't matter. Don't give up.
  22. i've had this problem before and fixed it easily with some guidance from the hubby! On the bottom right of your screen, by the clock, you should see something that says like USA/ENG or something or Multi, you just wanna click that and change it to your default language, it's some hot key that randomly enables it, i STILL to this day have no idea WHAT combination turns it on but it's so random when all my ! turn out as E's with accents LOL
  23. Sadly eough for me as soon as mesh came out - I was addicted nad haven't deliberately purchased prim clothing since it's release, unless of course i'm using it for say lola's or the cute azz which normally require the appliers. I am addicted to mesh, everything I own from houses, to furniture, to landscaping, to clothing to jewellery, it's all mesh now, except my mouth - cause the mesh one made me specifically look like a puffer fish. In the end it comes down to preference completely, I prefer mesh as i've been around long eough to enjoy the prim clothing while it was in it's prime and now enjoy mesh as it was a step forward for SL.
  24. I know that there is the option to hide your profile from search, so if they type in your name it doesn't come up. Unfortunately I don't remember the direct path to do this but it should be in your preferences, or if you are in viewer 3, if you go to your profile it should be in there, it will say 'remove profile from search' if not i am sure you could google the instructions for your specific viewer on how to block your profile from search, that also means that not only she will be able to not be able to see it, but anyone else attempting to find your profile won't be able to either. It also only means that your profile won't show up in search, but if someone clicks the ancient weird calling cards, they'll still be able to see your profile. If you want advice, I suggest whoever this person is - you let her go, she's a part of the past for the reason, and you're only hurting yourself by going to her profile to see the terrible things she's writing. Eliminate her from your life, remember her memory and nothing else, and suddenly those words she wrote will no longer exist because you aren't seeking to find them. Chances are this person KNOWS you repeatedly look at her profile, and that's why they're there. As long as you blow on the embers, there will always be a flame. Ignore the fire, and time with snuff it out.
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