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  1. 'Twas Taco Tuesday here tonight. I would be lying if I said Tacos were reserved for Tuesday.. just kinda turned out that way tonight.
  2. So, in a odd event.. I ended up starting with my Win 8 install disk and figured I would upgrade to 10 off of it. I usually use a 10 disk, but hey.. moved and gettin' long in the tooth... so, anyway.. I installed Win 8, upgraded to 8.1 and actually am enjoying using it quite a bit. Maybe it is that new car smell? I think I will rock 8.1 Pro and not go back to Win 10 (since it is so, erm.. snoopy and not in a cool cartoon dog way) for awhile. I missed Aero glass effects. Purty!!! Happy Evening/Night/Morning/Afternoon. Whenever this post finds thee, I hope it finds thee well.
  3. Went pretty well, thanks! Setting things up right now, but should be back to normal PC functions soon. Have a good night.
  4. lazy day backing files up to reformat my PC to a new hard drive. Hoping you all are having a great day.
  5. Thanks for that. It is so great to see Lindens openly participating and responding on the forums again. Admittedly, it has been years since I really participated on the official forums. But it is great to be back and see posts like yours.
  6. HUGS!!!! Missed you. Got some updates from Mo that you were still about.
  7. Thanks for that jira. I looked all over last night for the new forum guidelines. I figured I was going blind, senile and daff all at once.
  8. Lol Han, I think most of us have mellowed with age. I have been generally lucky though. Only had one attack on me in all my years of SL/OS forums. That by design and thanks to IP address tracking discovered later to be by what was really 2-3 people rolling tons of alts. I took it hard then, but laugh about it now. Luckily I was an admin on that site so seeing the IPs was easy once the owner showed me. It birthed a grid, but I won't get into it more then this. Flame wars is so 2008. As for a thread going poof because of one negative person... in the old thread, we just ignored most of thos
  9. Goodnight. Sleep well. Not sure why I got multi quote fubard but this is Mac typing, not Amara
  10. We should get together and chat sometime in world. And I am the same.. going to go on about my merry way until I am sure of what the rules are here. lol Love to see you model them sometime. Just them. Seriously, it was one of the things I remembered most about the other thread. Your boot fetish is legen (wait for it) dary! /Settled
  11. It also has tons of views and is 50% of the way to having as many pages. I looked for the rules for the forums last night. If this is Kosher with admins, I think it will stay HOT.
  12. I am going to park here since you all are here. I will honor the let it die rule just this once.
  13. It is here on these forums, Amara. Honestly, none of the others ever felt right on alternate forums. And as for the sanitized place.. never cared to step a prim toe on it. But, SCII was fun for a bit. Nothing beats the REAL SL Forums in my opinion. I just hope we get to have the fun we used to have. I never used the last version because when a grid starts blocking people from general chat on the forums, it is either because they read it sucks and don't want people to say it or read it for fear of losing a buck. That was why we lost general the first time. I would happily post here again if we
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