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  1. For 3 years I rented land in a sim that is 1L per prim, I have moved so many times, the fact is all these 1L a prim places allow breedable pet farms to move in and it lags the sim to a point it looks like pages of a book being turned for my FPS or noob towers, or my fav the person that builds a huge box around their land they texture on the inside but leave it default yellow wood for every one outside the box to look at. I finally said F it and bought a sim from LL, I only need a small parcel for my needs and hope to do some rentals. My sales can support the sim but I just hate having more
  2. If people act in RL like they do is SL we see tons of people locked up or have a bashed in face, ok that was a little extreme but some of these people act like a 5 year old that just ate a clothes washing tablet. The stuff people say and do at times blows me away, knowing a LARGE part of SL are over 40...the stats show over 50% of SLers are 40 and up (me included) and act like this online.
  3. looking for a person to help with a D&D board game, I need some one to write the lore for the game. so far this is the development done. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMnK_DJ5sOsE3Eq0pBIzlIA contact me thedarkhand Resident if your interested
  4. For four months, I have been playing with auto attaching things, with and without experience. I am tested 10,000 times with 700 different avatars at Origins of sim RP sim. Here, I found Using prim rez on the ground, people click to attach - 100%, seems never to fail. Auto attaches on the landing of sim - 98%, 1/2 out of 100 seems not to find the avatars. Auto attaching at log into SL - 80%, people with large inventory seem to fail, I think, due to the race time of logging into SL services. I am attaching from a HUD - 65% in the past week, 95% before Oct 12th. A fail-safe system
  5. Live where you RP, if you pay them L$. How about live where you RP, pay the rent from RP coin on the Free HUD system offer in your new home, gain the coin from free weekly stipend awarded to HUD owners, part take in full 20d combat that is not a mess of double rolls and unfair out come, attend the gambling hall and play games for RP coin and win more RP coin! There is no "hitch" or reason to spend L$ to use the HUD or to obtain the rental accept making sure your in sim on Saturdays to visit the bank and receive your weekly coin for being a resident. I am not motivated by L$, I
  6. I am trying to make a script that counts the amount of prims a avatar has in a region (while belonging to group) not the owner of the region but renters in the region. So far I have a script that counts the objects that are set to group, but i cant figure out how to get the key of the prims owner. any direction on how I do this would be great, I have searched the forums and the SLS wiki with out much luck.
  7. Elven night city on the harbor is open, Free RP HUD with dynamic details, full titter, combat status system. Ride horses on the large field of battle, coming soon archery prize events. This is a open RP allowing you to help create our story. Needing faction leaders and a testing board for the evolving HUD system. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Eternal Reflections/91/162/36
  8. nvm...Fixed, my system only needed to be adjusted 3 seconds to work, I had it set at 2 before the attach command was sent.
  9. so in the end, this system above is cool , but it keeps rezzing piles of HUDs "waiting" and if they don't apply they just sit there at on e point 30 HUDs and just kept rezzing more, if I add a die timer it cant seem to catch people logging into the sim on log in as there not a HUD waiting. I know this works as there a sim out there doing it, but they will not share how. I thank you all for the help but I think the sim owners will have to hire some one to handle this part as just making 2 list , comparing if some one new and rezing a HUD to attach seems to be a task out of my reach at least on
  10. ok will do, it's getting close, atm I got it one out of 2, so we getting there!! very exciting and once again thank you this is a great learning experience, your example answered other question I have wanted to know for a while, your dynamic with your systems teaching people like me better directions to take when developing .
  11. I agree its in the timing, atm its works 1 out of 2 times on log in with 4 avs in a test sim on log in.
  12. this is great, I see a few things I can edit for the busy region and its a go!! Wow this is amazing, thank you so much.
  13. nvm, It worked on 2ns test, think its my region, thank you So much, I can learn a lot off this example. you rock!
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