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  1. I give away in the amount of 4,800L$ every 24 hours if people have to work together as a team to gain the prize ....mission accomplished in my book ! The fact is there is only 1 winner per 30 minutes, it would take to much time and effort and how many ways can you split 100L$ per 30 minutes and make it worth every ones time?
  2. First off there is 0 cost from you to earn this money up to 4,800 a day. Step 1. Get The SL RIOT STREET FIGHTER DEMO HUD. Step 2. Find, Make or grab a friend ( is the only work you need to do on your end) have them grab the free demo HUD. free HUD LOCATION https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/WIN-L-STREET-FIGHTING-HUD-FREE-24-HOUR-DEMO/18994951 Step 3. Start fighting anywhere in SL with your STREET FIGHTER HUD DEMOS HUDs. Step 4. Win a fight and if your fight goes threw my Server system FIRST YOU WIN 100L$. WARNING SMART SYSTEM, BEATING UP ALTS WILL NOT RESULT IN A WIN AND COULD GET YOU BANNED FROM THE SYSTEM WATCH THIS VIDEO IF YOU ARE CONFUSED. THIS IS HOW THE HUD WORKS
  3. step 1. Get pissed off you can never get a new LL home. step 2. Make a Post tiled "LL you really do suck" venting your frustration with never being able to get a new Linden home. step 3. Receive a email warning about posting rules and reply with "Go F yourselves" That is how I scored a 30 day IP vacation, still had to pay my monthly for that month I will add...it was waiting for me as a behind payment when I could log into the site again. I will add they banned all my alts as I tried to log in from nabors wifi and still was not able to log in.
  4. Looking for something to play with? my new castray combat system is free with a gun &HUD.I need some people to play it to look for bugs and future changes for the final version. www.slriotassassin.com for all the info https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/SL-RIOT-ASSASSIN-GAME-V1/18019102 to grab the free beta HUD & GUN Any tester with kills on the rank page that I assign them to kill get 100L$ . I will assign you a player to target and you will have to hunt them down kill them for payment.
  5. I have looked threw many time/ date scripts but having a hard time making a small system that will take the current date and add 9 months or 3 months. I keep having issues when it crosses the year and the script adding the correct year. Example if the current date was 2019-08-22 and I added 9 months the date keeps returning 2019-05-22 not 2020-05-22. any advice on this.
  6. I was a loner for 45 years(ok 1 - 13 I admit dating was not on my mind), met my wife on SL in 2016. I had come to a point I stopped even IMing anyone on my male AV as it never went well.Then one day at a live music show the signer IMed me after her set and struck up a conversation with me! Here I am 2019 married to her in RL so make a point to also have a male AV at times and just try visiting events and see what happens.I also have AVs in male, female and monsters (my wife dose too!!) you find most sl players have avatars in both genders, absolutely nothing wrong with it.
  7. I dealt with those same fears, I never had a passport until 3 years ago never leaving about a 5 mile or less radius of my home.I spent half my life making sure jobs, banks, schools, stores where never out of that distance range.Then I met the right person that stood by my side and help me conquer those fears.Hang in there at least you know your problem and taking self inventory and responsibility, there are many that just blame everyone else and never get better.
  8. My wife and I been playing sl 13/14 years, she plays live music going on 10 years , we have a music studio in the house with a live stream, mics, and guitars we would not use unless SL was here gaining her a huge outlet for music hobby. I use SL to building enjoying scripts, mesh and whatever new technologies they add to the platform at 30 I returned to school to continue my education and get my self off construction sites and into offices as well as doubling my earning. I would have never done that or went in the direction I am in now if I had not interacted with SL.I met my wife on SL, moved from the US to the UK and went from a lonely person to a happily married man. Sl been life-changing for me I could not imagine them closing overnight, though I do not have the time to play as much as would like it's still a huge part of my everyday life. We share the same fear.
  9. it's not a combat sim built on violence, it's a sniper city you make long range hard target shots to win L$, there no combat system or meter only a sniper gun you can buy, the reloading is free you must search out the reload stations and try not to get killed by one of the many traps, getting killed only sends you back to the main teleport location meaning you will have to make your way threw the city and under ground to claim bullet clips in order to shoot targets and win L$ per shot.Lets not forget what social media done for the world int e past 3 years, it's used to orcastrait and plan violent attacks on people also help spread fake news daily around the world.
  10. It's an everyday thing from my cable tv provider to a gift card purchase, my information and almost everyone can be easily found with a little google searching. It's nothing new to anyone that's cashed out L$ from 2013 until today, that would be me my first account in 2013 I was lucky to be able to cash out a few L$ and they froze even my ability to log until I completed the ID send, It was not a large amount of money but seemed perfectly sensible they ask. The fact you can buy L$ and send to others who do cash worldwide is a perfect way to launder money and it's 100% natural for most governments to want to protect a currency with a small amount of oversite when dealing with international companies exchanging Digi currency with some real currency.
  11. That part is so hard, attracting entertainment performers with a following to my dead sim. My first event was with a DJ that been around for many years and had a good-sized group. The night of the event he did not show up and removed himself from my group without a single heads up. I can not blame him as it was an empty sim and who wants to DJ a party to a sim owner in an empty sim. I wish I could figure out how you attract established DJs in a new sim.
  12. We must face the facts these choices are made far before we all hear of them and already set in stone at least for now. I think they should follow the advice of their advisors.
  13. Mine used to be "Nice avatar" in all honesty in these days of sl every one has a nice avatar, until a live singer at an sl event IM me that. 3 years later we are married in RL and I literary moved from the US to the UK to be together. Now it's just anything any one IMs me, im my head I am like "MOTHER WUCKER WUT, IM BUSY!!"
  14. I agree you should leave, this all seems to complicated for you to understand.
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