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  1. Even the beefiest systems can be brought on their knees by Second Life. You must not forget that this isn't an optimized area that just loads from your hard/solid-state drive with prebaked scenes, and neither is Second Life optimized to utilize stuff like more than two threads, heaps of RAM and other goodies like NVidia's CUDA. (At least not that I'm aware of.) I have an overclocked 980 Ti, i7 6700K and 16 GiB's of RAM, and I sometimes also get as low as ten frames per second. It all greatly depends on the scene, generally lots of Avatars and lots of Alpha Textures are your worst enemies frame-wise, especially since most people do not even bother to keep low-resource building in mind or aren't even thinking about it. All you can do indeed if you'd rather not sacrifice all the visual goodness is to keeps draw distance limited to what you need, more than 128 meters is pointless unless you're in a battle Sim or anything else that is large. Also play with the Avatar Impostor setting as it can make a huge impact on performance. Else in the worst case scenario you may have to disable Shadows, they also tax the CPU more from what I heard, but might be wrong there.
  2. Decided to bump rather than to update my previous post, since there doesn't seem to be a lot of attention for this issue. Maybe there's a JIRA, if not might start one, this is an issue that affects an entire computer and not just Second Life so I consider it pretty major. Anyway, I uninstalled MSI True Color and it did not resolve the problem, only a full Recovery from my Laptop's factory provided image which is pretty much equal to reinstalling Windows solved the issue. I would to truly test this install MSI True Color again since I also need it and to be sure, but I fear I will have to do the whole process all over again. (And Windows update 1151 is painfully slow, for some reason it took 5 freaking hours to finish...) I could try to make a Restore Point, but I wonder if it's powerful enough to restore so that whatever file or setting is causing the graphics corruption, is gone... Also, the question here would of course be if Second Life is to blame or the color correction application, but since Second Life is the only OpenGL application that can reproduce this problem, I bet my money on Second Life. (I also made sure to test a few other OpenGL and DirectX-based programs and I didn't get the graphics corruption, this was done before the recovery from the system image.)
  3. Sorry to necro this topic, but I too have this issue now with an MSI GE72 2QC Apache Laptop. (i7 5700HQ, GTX 960M.) I don't have this f.lux thingy on it, at least can't find it in my files... I do have MSI True Color running though but closing it after the graphics issue comes in to play doesn't solve it... Only rebooting does. Also interesting to note, when I was just in the login screen of Second Life and then exited, the screen went black, going to Sleep mode and back fixed this but Sleep mode does not solve the corrupted graphics. Will see if I can trouble shoot it some more, worse case try to uninstall MSI True Color and see if that does anything, worse worse case completely reset the computer. I'll update this post as I progress through the steps.
  4. Hi all, I'm trying to Script a swaying sign, like you may see in some games. (Mostly in medieval themed games.) But Second Life physics are... Yeah... The first issue I run into is that physical Objects can't interpenetrate, like say you can't make chain links hooked on to each other unless they're really huge... So what I did was make the post Phantom, and used a small Script to make the sign's Root Prim hold onto a position and limit it to rotate on one axis only. The problem that occurs now is that the rotation isn't affected by gravity and the center of mass at all! When hitting the sign it keeps spinning around the pivot point and when it does come to a halt it isn't pulled down... I suppose there is no way to solve this? I know people advise to simulate the effect rather than using actual physics, but it's just that I want to see if I can make it work. I'm curious if it's possible at all with Physics and as little Scripting as possible.
  5. Just a short simple question, is it possible to add custom shaders to the shader folder? Will they be loaded or can you only replace an existing shader? Reason I ask is I want to experiment adding an outline shader, like this one, but I have no idea if it'll just work like that.
  6. I guess this has been a recent change, as I don't recall this behavior having always been there. But it seems lately that when trying to paste an Object into the My Outfit folder, it'll result in pasting a link to it, instead of an actual copy of the Object... Dragging something to this folder gets blocked and only rezzing something out of this folder and then using the Take option will actually put a copy of the Object in it. Linden Research, this feature is annoying beyond measure and is not handy at all, it just takes away control over one's Inventory. I always make my outfits manually as nine out of ten times, this feature already works problematic and I really dislike Links as I want to be able to make different versions of the same Object sometimes. Perhaps there is a good reason for it for the less technical folks but please give other Residents the option to not be forced to use Links in this folder? I remember Links were only made if the Object that was was being copied had the No Copy flag, what's wrong with that? This I'd say is just bad 'innovation'. :matte-motes-mad:
  7. Hello, I'm fiddling with a nice walking sounds attachments that also plays different sounds when entering water, but one thing I can't seem to tackle is how to trigger sounds when starting a jump and once landing either after a jump or landing after a fall. I tried it with a timer first and detecting the Animations, using an integer to check if it has already happened, but this doesn't work at all as I feared. I also tried doing it based on taking controls, for the jumping at least. (Hoping to also add sound trigger for when crouching and exiting a crouching position, so eventually both up and down controls are needed, or animations triggers might also work.) So, the event needs to be direct, not a timer I'd say, but then how to trigger it exclusively when starting a jump and when landing, and not triggering it when flying and pressing up? Anyone able to help me?
  8. Ah, hello Spinell! You're the first Mesh artist I run into and pretty cool that you already tried something out. But yeah, it'll be be worn with the standard SL Model. Just anything from the shirt opening and up to the head will be part of the Mesh Model too in order to have a smooth looking pair of shoulders, neck and cleavage. I'm going to draw out some more things that I wish if that's okay as there is a lot more and I'm terribly picky, it's easier for me to draw it than to explain it and I want to make sure it's right. It's quite scary to throw such a large sum at this. :matte-motes-whistle:
  9. Aye, also worth mentioning, the density of the polygons/triangles doesn't have to be insane, except where needed. I have seen some busty shirt models in-world that had very low density on the breasts which made them rather blocky at large sizes, so yeah, some more polys around the more rounded areas would be desireable. Also, I plan on making the Texture myself, for the shirt. As said before the skin would be best if matching the UV Map of the default Second Life top section of the standard Avatar. The shirt would be best if mapped so that it simply has a front, back, sleeve top and sleeve bottom. Also, can the Mesh be double sided so it isn't transparent on the inside. I think I covered a lot here, not sure if all yet. And L$30,000 would be within my range, though as you said it could be more. I really want this though so I'm willing to come to an agreement within this price range. Now only to find a Mesh artist. :matte-motes-smile:
  10. That I forgot to mention, the skin Texture would be best to match the Stock Second Life Avatar UV for modding convenience.
  11. Hello, I'm looking for a Mesh artist as, well, the thing I'm looking for hasn't been made yet to my surprise. I'm a busty body lover and have been before it was cool, nowadays Lolas and many other brands seem to conquer that market but there has always been something in them I find lacking. I like credibility and most brands, for modifying sake, keep most models non-rigged or independant from the shirt. This sacrifices one thing that I find quite important, the transitioning of the shirt underneath the breasts resulting in the 'tucked underneath' kind of look. Second issue is that most stuff doesn't come in my size. :matte-motes-whistle: So, I wish to find out what it'll cost to hire a Mesh artist, I understand it's a pricey thing to do, but I want this pretty badly for a long time. I have drawn out a little what I have in mind and this design may of course be resold to others later, I also wish mine to have copy and mod rights. I wish to know as well how much more it may cost with Fitted Mesh applied. Pretty big, huh? :matte-motes-stress: I hope the image makes a lot clear, I wish to have the skin part to be mesh as well, breasts towards the top of the neck. (it's going to be used with a Furry Avatar but I bet it works for Humans too) This so that there is no visible seam, and also that it solves the issue of which breasts to use, it comes with the model in stead. I might update this topic some more with more info later where needed, but what you guys think? Can this be done? Will it cost much? I really wish to realize this as I've been wanting it ever since Mesh came out.
  12. Don't you mean Alt + Enter? :smileysurprised: I don't believe that works, Full Screen has been gone for a while as far as I'm aware, maybe one of the Third Party Viewers supports it, but not the Stock Linden Viewer.
  13. Well then, since you have a vast understanding, I can whip out the jargon I suppose. First it would be handy to know what the problem is! Troubleshooting starts with what is happening versus what is expected. To be able to help others need to know what happens in detail. Is the frame rate low, if yes, what graphics card, processor and RAM memory do you have and which Viewer did you run. (Though, Stock Linden Viewer should pretty much always give the best frame rate on supported operating systems.) If a connection issue, what operating system, which kind of network, are directly connected to a modem, are there routers in between, what are the settings of the(se) device(s). Or if anything else do describe it! Also, check if your system meets the System Requirements, I assume that with your advanced understanding of computers you would have no trouble telling if your system works. If your hardware is not stated you can always post it here and we can help figure out if's a hardware issue or something else. Anyway, before calling something garbage it might be an idea to allow others to see the problem in full detail so we can help, there might be just a misunderstanding and the problem may be something very silly or unexpected.
  14. Hello, I just wanted to bring a technology under the attention that has been put on hold for a long time, the Puppeteering Project. So, it's interesting to see that Linden Research has been toying with the idea before back in 2011. Only, from what I read on their Wiki, it was put on hold because 'Project in hibernation so that developers have time to devote to projects that increase Second Life's stability and performance'... Okay... Linden Research has been at that for a little more than 3 years now, are they still not done with that or is Project Puppeteering completely abandoned? Ragdoll Physics has been in software and games as early as 1998 so why not in Second Life. I guess one could argue it would bring a lot of problems and technical difficulties but the Lindens have been testing it, so I suppose it is not that far from possible. I just hope they haven't forgotten the project and can maybe be supported into giving it another try because I know plenty of situations where this would be a welcome addition. The biggest example would be Combat Sims, sure, one would argue its usefulness but it does add to the immersion. (And I bet it would get the option to be disabled.) I imagine it being triggered when Linden Damage is enabled on the Parcel and the Avatar's health reaching 0%. The body stays longer and turns physical, gloriously flailing across the ground with the energy still left from whatever velocity it had upon dying. 'course, Other things would be for Gestures and funny items and gadgets, I know people love funny gadgets since I try to specialize in making such stuff for my Marketplace store and they sell pretty good. So yeah, that's my two cents on the Project, I just hope it won't get stowed away and forgotten. I'm not begging it to be reinstated even though I would want to, I just wish to hear what happened to it and what the further plans are. Additional sources: Jurassic Park: Trespasser Wiki, Second Life Avatar Puppeteering Website. (Yes, a whole website dedicated to it, from the looks of it written by one of the devs.)
  15. Heya, I'm looking for a way to practice scripting even when not on Second Life, or on a computer at all... Thing is, I got nice big and fast smartphone on which I could do a lot of my scripting, I can't seem to find any LSL supporting scripting apps on the Play store though. (Maybe there are some, just not with the name I expect them to have?) Soooo, yeah, does anyone know of any applications or way to get such support on Android, including syntaxing and all that? It would be really lovely if it were made possible?
  16. I was noticing my main drive was quite a bit fuller, and since it's a SSD, I rather not have it get too full, so I started tracing the folder to find which ones were containing the big files... I ended up in my Users folder, and down all the way in AppData (normally hidden I believe) where I noticed the Second Life folder in Roaming contained 8 GB. This is strange as I moved my cache to my harddrive so I checked it, turns out it's full with *.log files varying from 100 MB to up to 500 MB. The files all start with 'Connector' followed by the creation date. I wonder what this is and what could possibly make them so huge, they're pretty much text files. (Opening them imminently crashes Notepad.) Suppose they can just be deleted seeing as they're just logs. Anyone else got this too?
  17. Ooooooh, stumbled upon this one, at least in my personal opinion it is very neat, it allows you to disable your own name plate, but only for you, but not for others: RenderNameShowSelf - True/False Now to find out if there is also a way to make only my own Voice Dot vanish, I shoot video's sometimes and hate to turn Voice off for it.
  18. Lower than the 1500 it already is? Haven't but will try that one out. Update: Tried it a few times, still DC-ing hard...
  19. Well, switched back to Wi-Fi again, it lags an awful lot sadly as there are a lot of cables in this building's walls, but haven't had a disconnect for an hour, and I'm idling. My Previous internet, which was a different modem, was connected through LAN but did not show these issues. So all seems to point to the modem. Yet, Second Life is the only application I've found so far that shows these issues. (Tried World of Warcraft, Natural Selection 2 Multiplayer, Torrent programs, downloaders, Steam game downloads, all running without so much as a hick-up.)
  20. JIRA has been made, I would like to ask anyone who also experience the issue or want to help to have a look at it. Update: Added SecondLife.log to main post.
  21. No no! Local IP's! Sadly, updating the driver did not yield anything either... The part that boggles my mind is that it happens on LAN mostly, but very rarely on WLAN...
  22. Ah, well in the past I forwarded the ports according to this list, and it did not help, sadly. Meanwhile, I found some newer drivers for my LAN Adapater, it would make sense if it works as I barely had these disconnects on Wi-Fi. But maybe the Internet Gods just hate me. o_o'
  23. Tried forwarding the ports before, even disable ALL firewalls (for the sake of troubleshooting! D: ) it did not help., and a friend of mine says the IPs are just of the sims I was connected to.
  24. Sadly adding Second Life and its components to the Firewall list did not help... Also just to be sure will note any IP address it tries to ping to and fails. Adding a link to the TXT file containing the IP addresses and ports it tries to write to to the main post, it'll update automatically as it is linked to my Dropbox.
  25. Well, this problem has been haunting me for a long while now, so I'm going to slap a bunch of info here that'll hopefully help as this just keeps happening and no one has an idea why so far. To note, it seems to have to do with the modem as I'm on the same product of internet now at a difference address, and again it happens. The problem seemed to show up less when on Wi-Fi, on wire it now seems happen within a minute of giving no input. (Walking, turning around...) Turning into a real show stopper. (JIRA's been made now.) Anyway, some info: ISP: KPN Internet. Modem Brand: Arcadyan Model: VGV7519 Firmware Version: 02.00.124 (Possibly custom firmware by KPN Internet, Netherlands.) Connection is Fibre Optics with 100/100 MBit. Modem Firewall is disabled using Windows Firewall only. Computer is connected through a 1,000 MBit Cat 5e LAN cable. (Twisted, Shielded.) Fibre connection to modem is Cat 6. Last known working setup. ISP: Telfort Internet. Modem Brand: Zyxel Model: P-2602H-D3A ZyNOS Firmware Version: V3.40(AOA.7)b1 | 6/18/2012 DSL Firmware Version: TI AR7 Connection is ADSL2+ with 20/1 MBit. Modem Firewall was also disabled using Windows Firewall only. Computer was connected through a 100 MBit Cat 5e LAN cable. (Twisted, Shielded.) Phone line to modem was less than a meter long. Last but not least, some small screenshots of the Debug Console, a log, and also providing the JIRA: Log 1 Log 2 Log 3 JIRA - Doesn't seem to be accessible yet, is this due to being marked as Awaiting Review? SecondLife.log Now I'm not thát technical, I just happen to know how to find this info, anyway, the last line seems to mention port 13015, if I check the Wiki for which ports could be forwarded for Second Life, the only one that seems to match is used for Voice... (UDP 12000-29999) Which wouldn't make sense, at least I imagine Voice would fail, not the connection to Second Life. I'm probably just guessing here but this problem is making me pull my hair out as to what is causing it...
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