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  1. Oh and I have already reinstalled the current nVidia driver ( R331).
  2. Turning off basic shaders had no effect. Using the Singularity viewer had the same exit effect: Desktop/system graphics were corrupted and distorted, albeit in weird shades of blue and black rather than the red, yellow orange, pink shades of the other viewers. Ok, here's a weird twist in this: If I take a screenshot of the desktop after one of the viewers has been exitted and then restart the computer so I can see what's going on, when I look at the screenshot it looks exactly like what the desktop is supposed to look like. So in effect the system is seeing what is supposed to be displayed
  3. After a long time away, I tried using SL again. The SL viewer as well as Firestorm and Exodus launches, logs in and plays just fine. But when I exit the viewers, every one of them causes total corruption of the computer's display - the system is still intact and usable but the display looks like some kind of weird distorted photoshop swrily rainbow effect, rendering the system completely unusable until restart. Then it looks like normal. This happens after every new launch of SL or any other viewer. Another item of note is that if you just launch the viewer but don't sign on and then exit, it
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