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  1. Thanks for all the advice. It was the issue with finding new clothes that started me on this quest. A number of outfits I found just wouldn't work with my classic avi. I've been playing around a bit this evening and maybe figured a couple things out. I've demoed a Bento head and mesh body that I like and understand that I need to make adjustments with the sliders to get a look that I like. Questions: Looking for skins, do most come with both the head and body skin or do they need to be bought separate? Seems like I've seen both. As I said before, I'll see a skin look that I like but it usually only tells the make of the bento head being used, not which specific head. Is it best to pick a skin then go looking for a head shape that looks to match? This issue that I've had was mostly due to the limitations on how much you can adjust the jaw and head shape on the head. The bento head comes with a hud for blush, lip color, several other options but I didn't see options for eye color. I take it that there are appliers for those and other lip colors that can be added to that "master" hud. Those are designed to match the Bento head you have correct? Have you played much with 3rd party AOs, are they worth the extra cost or are you better off just staying with the AO that comes with the heads? Thanks Again!
  2. I'm in the same situation as the OP. I've been in SL for years but not very active the last few, feels like the world has moved on. 🙂 I like the original avatar I have, classic, it's me and I have no wish to change it, but I'd like to play around with one of my alts to see what's out there in new clothes and animations. As I understand, I'm looking for a mesh body and a Bento head plus skins for each? The head and the body can be from different creators, but the skins would need to come from the same place for the skin tones to match. I've seen skins that I like but they rarely tell you the head that it's pictured with. I've only tried a couple demos but I cant seem to adjust them to look as I want. Then there's aos for faces that only work with some heads. Seems like there are tons of choices in creators out there but at this point I'm pretty confused. Any hints on how to make this any easier? I'v been wearing mesh clothes, but am now finding that clothes are gear to certain bodies, adding to my confusion, not to mention eyes and all sorts of other "appliers"
  3. I’ve been looking for Belleza Jake for an alt, can someone send a link on where to find it? SL search can be such a pain.
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