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  1. Mine shows 512 was used out of 1024 but then it shows there's none available to use. And I never did use my other 512.
  2. I wasn't saying an actual prize for prepayment. What I meant was since we were prepaying so far in advance with the current price before it goes up, when they have the Super Premium, those of us that are currently annual premium members that did prepay at the current price before the hike should be the super premium peeps. Then, go from there, after super, then regular premium, etc, each with different perks. I did prepay, I was originally quarterly, I changed to yearly since I was due then they had this prepay so I paid another year so I actually paid for 2 years so I'm good till 2021.
  3. So, basically, again we would have to prepay? They haven't even really showed us why we should prepay now besides the rates going up. Those of us that are annual premiums now and did prepay that should be the super premium then go from there. That should be our "prize" for prepaying in advance the way that we did rather than paying again. smh...Now I'm really wondering, are we getting our money's worth out of SL right now? Yea, they did the new Linden homes. When I joined we had our 512 they gave us as premiums then they upped it to 1012, I never did get my other 512 did anyone else? Did they
  4. I'm thinking it's possible that the yearly might be the super premium but will have added things to it since so many are yearly and did the prepay. If you wait till after June 24, you won't get the current pricing that everyone is getting right now. So my guess (don't quote me on this) but the yearly may become the super with more things added to what it has now and then maybe have other choices below it. We won't know till they release something. Just remember the deadline for the pre-pay pricing.
  5. Back then not a lot of people were on the internet because internet was being charged a price for a certain amount of hours then after that you had to pay by the hour. I remember because one month I had a 400.00 internet bill. Oh, and that was thru AOL!
  6. You've pretty much described a movie that is already done like that. "Ready Player One". So, your movie idea needs to be different than what you described.
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