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  1. I have had the opportunity to buy or WIN land in an auction and several other I paid top dollar for the land around it...a nice place on the Blake Sea in LIONEL....I made it a QUIET COVE with my store in the air with cheap RENTALS for New Residents. I did learn however that my monthly responsibility to Linden Labs went up tremendously because now i own more SQM and it put me into the Full Sim range and I pay $67 USD per month...I am a Premium Member..so what I don't understand ...is that in ADDITION to my MEMEBERSHIP which is paid quarterly. When I put a ticket in, the Linden who answered me,
  2. Will this be implemented to other viewers...if not initially...how will this affect travelling into EEP regions?
  3. Oh Worthy Ones… Do I link the clock script linked workings to the object(s) (which has 2 prims linked) or the other way around...lol...I k now I know..I should know this....
  4. I cant seem to getmy camera to focus when CLOSE-UP onmyself or object - goes out of focus alot..please help. Thanks
  5. I have tried to download Firestorm Pheonix with Windows 10...can someone explain what Viewer works with what OS? for Windows Thanks Information about System: OS Windows 10 64 bit GPU: Quadro FX 880M Driver 341.92 API 10.0 Dedicated Video Memoery: 1024 DDR 3
  6. Please help...still a cloud after clearing cache, reloaded Singularity...all my attachments wont detach....did i press a wrong rendering-related item by mistake...help...none of my clothes come off..and even as a cloud, if i go to Pose Stand, the Appearnace doesn't load????HELP
  7. Ninatchka'sHalloween Graveyard, Wetherbys (103, 115, 23) Visit and set your environement to MIDNIGHT... enjoy pose balls and explore the rest of this Wetherby 1/4 sim...lots to see ENJOY & Thanks for Visiting! Ninatchka
  8. Wont allow me to check off the boxes under contacts... for them to be able to 1) see me on map 2) for them to edit, delete, etc my objects and the third whatever that is......what could be the problem? Thanks Ninatchka Markova
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