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  1. That's cool. The old clock that I have has a menu for the user to click to increase or decrease the hour to the desired setting. I want that, lol, but don't know how to incorporate it into this script I have. It's more complicated than the analog script. Here is the script I'm using. The first one is in the main prim, the other is in each of the 4 digital display prims- integer first_number = 2; integer digits = 4; integer mil = 0; setTime(string time) { integer len = llStringLength(time); integer i; for (i = 0; i < digits; i++) { if (i
  2. I looked, but there is an error in the example. I'll try to figure out what it is later. *sigh*
  3. Hello, I've made both analog and digital clocks with scripts found on the lsl wiki. The analog clock can be clicked on the right or left face side to decrease or increase the hour. I want to be able to do that with the digital clock as well. I know it's possible because I have an old clock that I purchased years ago with the ability, but the maker seems to have left SL or I'd ask him. My clock is nice, but only displays SL time. I apologize if this is redundant, I searched and see many clock threads, but none that seem to cover my question. I've searched around and am not finding the
  4. I really like both stores, thanks so much. I finally have some nice dresses.
  5. Hello fellow SL'ers, I'm a 47 year old woman RL and prefer to dress in SL as I do in RL on most occasions but cannot seem to find clothing with the coverage that I want. I'm a "normie" and don't really RP lately, I just build. I had a lot of stuff for the old av, but have the Maitreya now and have been struggling to dress it ever since. I guess I'm just extremely old fashioned to want clothing to cover the breasts, cleavage, belly and tush in SL, but that's the way it is. The only modest clothing I can find now is for like medieval, Victorian etc, but nothing modern like found in a
  6. Hello, I'm almost ready to open a new store and have heard it's better to sell my items under an alt with a store name instead of my main account. Any thoughts? Also, when merchants say to contact their store manager with issues, is that usually an alt or someone else? Thanks
  7. HA! That worked!! You're a genius, thank you, thank you!
  8. Yes, a new file that I made yesterday. The only ones the viewer sees are the static anims that came pre-programmed with qavimator.
  9. I don't get it either, it's the strangest thing. With the SL uploader and qavimator both open, I tried to drag my file over to the uploader where it should be visible. It asked if I wanted to move it, so I thought that was it, but then when I tried to it gave an error that the file is already there! Yet I don't see it. I tried the hidden files option...that didn't work. I am just baffled. Thanks for your help though.
  10. Yes, I did export for SL. I did it again just now to double check, and have the same result. My file shows in properties as being a .bvh.
  11. I never had an issue before with my old comp when uploading animations, now I'm using a laptop. Does anyone know why the uploader doesn't see my bvh files? I'm using qavimator, and the uploader sees the anims that come with the program but not the ones I made, even though I put them in the same folder. I'm using firestorm, there's a new version, I get, "an unspecified error" message when I tried to download it. Do I need the SL viewer to upload animations? Thanks
  12. Wow. Thank you once again, Drongle. I'll start practicing all this.
  13. Hi all, I cannot seem to find anything online about making a square hole, like for a window or door. I saw one video where a guy deleted a center vertice and it made a square hole, but I'll be darned if I can figure out how he did it. When I do it, it makes an ugly rounded hole. I also tried to learn the knife tool, but the blender wiki is way off on that one. I saw someone in another video make straight lines with end points, like the line tool in a photo editing program, but again, can't figure out that one either. Little help with making a window? Lol, ripping hair out here. It just never e
  14. You all led me to new directions and I learned more, thank you. My toilet bowl and tank together is now at 1 LI, and also textured nicely. Woohoo.
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