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  1. When your back up and running I'll look forward to visiting and checking things out. Til then I hope RL improves and gets better. Cheers 😉
  2. Is the link in the original post for the sim location out of date ? When I arrived was at 4000m in a free fall dead drop. The ground appeared a very pretty forest and fantasy setting. Very pretty sim build. But nothing like the photos in this thread. Any clarification would be appreciated, Cheers.
  3. Enjoying the new BoM Snow Rabbit head.
  4. And earlier today Genus was hit again with a DMCA per the notecard in the genus group notice , ughh. Hopefully things get sorted out. I've been a fan of a couple of there heads, Hope for the best for Genus and company.
  5. The outfit worn by the female avatar ( in the middle of the picture) . I've been trying to find it in SL, my marketplace searching has failed me. Any suggestions would be appreciated. It's a lovely looking outfit. I fear it might be a linden only outfit if so I'm cool with that. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
  6. I'm going to wait until things settle done then spend my coins for the Strange head to complete the collection 😉
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