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  1. Really enjoying BoM starting to put together a look that's whimsical and fun. 🙂
  2. Yup your right that what you said is much more then old skins and makeup. I've seen others using the old system clothes on BoM bodies and in some cases they look good and aged well. others it was easy to see time was not as kind . Back when mesh was new I was hooked ; so I did a large inventory purge of the old system clothes. I have some system clothes I've started to pick up that were recent creations specific for Bakes on Mesh. So I've started to mix and match with some mesh outfits for a good look. the options we now have thanks to bakes on mesh for me has given me cause to dig through the cob webs of unused inventory. That I kept for a myriad of reasons and it's given me a smile to see old things be new again. Admittedly there are old outfits long purged I regretted doing it. But at the time I also felt they'd never have a use. the old skins I did keep as a few were hand drawn and very nicely done. It's art from an era of Second Life that to me feels like it was part of a golden age. The grid was a much larger place with a vastly higher population then present. To me at least it had a larger feel , I was also a decade + younger too. So the nostalgia factor is fun exploring again. So the sci fi geek in me finds one of the neater ways to explore is travel in style with a Tardis. 🙂 We all got vices and as a whovian why not use a Tardis . Exploring the grid can be a good past time when I need a break from the workshop or blender driving me to want to consume more Guinness then the human body should drink in a single sitting laughs. We've all been there and we've made our own mistakes and errors. Sometimes I learn and grow from the error, other times I end up repeating the mistake.... it happens.
  3. Finished binge watching "The Man in High Castle" first three seasons awesome, final season felt forced, rushed and bit of a let down. Next up "The Expanse " and "Treadstone" , Mandolorian was decent but still better then last jedi , and toss a coin to your witcher was fun. Outlander and another life I have on the list.
  4. Here are a pair of shots of BoM with different skins and cosmetic options. It's pretty nifty the varied looks we can achieve through bakes on Mesh.
  5. Signature Alice, I've been using alot. I've used Maitreya and both of Physique and Hourglass and occasionally Belleza freya and isis . I've enjoyed the look and sculpt of Signature's alice. I've tried Legacy but was never completly happy with it but others like it so that's fantastic. Personal choice and options are good to have. So I've taken the plunge into mixing and matching hourglass and maitreya clothes with the Signature Alice body. So far things are coming together. Still a work in progress that eventually I'll finish :).
  6. BoM on a 2007 skin. Not to shabby for 2020 thanks to bakes on mesh the old skins getting a new lease on life. Not a bad thing. With Bakes on Mesh it's good to see the old skins have life. Genus Strong mesh head with Signature Alice's body. Cheers.
  7. I've been using The LL development viewer 3.0.2 for several days , yes I've crashed a few times . An after spending a whole day yesterday trying out the new standerd LL 3.0.0 viewer I didn't crash once .... An for the fanboi's out thier screaming ohhh she has a super computer etc ... News flash luddites ... The computer I've been using is an older Core2, 2.6ghz computer with 6 gigs ram using a single nvidia 260gtx video card ... With Shadows off , ambiant Occulsion off, Depth of field off , and anti alising set to 4x. Graphics set to Ultra with a draw distance of 256 , my frame rates in a place with less then 30 av's , I average 35 - 41 fps consistantly ... If I jump to a high traffic sim of 50+ people my frames drop to the 18 - 25 fps range .... For me this is acceptable and not a big deal . I've also used kirsten's S21(9) , her current build ... An I've had the same graphics settings on the same computer an I've gotten the same frame rates .. Failstorm which after six months is still mired in 2.5 and no mesh , runs like an utter dog . with same computer an same graphics settings I average 12 to 18 frames in a low traffic sim , in a busy sim I am lucky to have 10 fps in failstorm . Yea I could go self compile failstorm to 2.6 from it's current repo's . but it doesn't have mesh so again Fail . As a content creator that enjoys Mesh , an a resident that's been in SL for several years , THANK YOU LL for mesh ! This is LONG OVERDUE ! . If I use my main computer set up for games an other things ... the frame rates are off the charts . 16 gigs ram with two yes two , Nvidia 590gtx's in sli. The frame rates are rather monsterous that's with shadows , ambiant occulsion , and anti aliasing at 8x with a 900 draw distance on Ultra . frames in a 30 av or less sim averages 49 to 58 fps ... in a high traffic sim of 50+ av's , the same settings the frame rates drasticlly drop to 21 - 28 fps . If I turn shadows off , ambiant off , an drop aa to 4x ... the frame rates double . The only reasons I would ever bother with using Failstorm : 1) for RLV use for forced tp's ( keep the kink stuff for the bondage fans thanks ) 2) the phoenix build tools which helps tons with building ( but hardly game breaking ) that's it , everything else failstorm offers is garbage and redundant crap that less then 1% of the total user base would ever use ... No I do not require spell check ( news flash ! the Internet was built on bad spelling ! ) , or Skype like ability to rename other avatars to display differently in my client , Nor do I require some rubbish multi color'd name / group tag over my head , nor do I really need to know what bloody viewer everyone around me is using either . Nor do I require to know someone's " true " online status . Way to grieve someone ... An I certainly do not need pie menu's ( P.S. Drop down menu's of V2 are faster and quicker ) . With the Stardust skins from Hitomi , I can have a side bar less viewer , that's quite nice . take the above mentioned rlv , and build tools out of Failstorm an just what does it offer that I can't get from the offical viewer ? An Kirstens btw has an option in preferances in her current build to enable Pie menus ... So if I'm feeling that longing for 2006 again , I can use kirstens an switch on pie menus ...
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