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  1. Well I sail alot AND have breasts so count me in! I too have never got into racing as so few are in my timezone and life always gets in the way. But im often to be found on the Blakes Sea (always with a top on too date!) Arabella
  2. Hi Tonya Im in a bit of a renewal phase myself - back in SL after a long break and having to rediscover what i saw in it back in 2006/7! Most of my friends seem to have grown out of SL, but im finding that activities are good way to meet people rather than clubbing (which no longer grabs me). Gove me a shout if you want to hang out - Ill be on SL tonight (GMT). Good luck and hope you find the fun fairy again! Arabella
  3. Sakinan Im a re-newbie and have found that most of my old friends have "retired" from SL. I say hi to most people I say and I guess my experiences are similar to yours but hey thats SLife. Im finding that having an enthusiasm helps break the ice and find people who are up for a chat - this month mine is sailing so if you fancy a sail on Blake's Sea or just more than a "hi" then look me up. If not - good luck with the hunt Arabella
  4. Ill say Hello when I see you then. I'm just back in SL after a pretty long break, but I used to be very active so maybe I can help you learn the ropes. If not - well just come and sunbathe on my boat with me Zog ps Im also UK and on in the evenings (at least when im not out in RL!)
  5. Welcome back Ximi, Im a re-newbie myself and also in your timezone, so feel free to say "hi" if you seem me some evening. A/Z
  6. To be frank - no idea! Ive barely dated in SL and never partnered. Im never quite sure why, but the best reason I can come up with is while Im a hopeless romantic in real life, I cant quite suspend reality to embrace it in SL. I always have the lurking feeling of "its just a game", or "how can I fall for someone I dont really know and probably never will?" Mostly, i look around and see the fast bursts of passion and all to soon damp squibs or fiery break-ups and think "ah well Im not missing much". But sometimes I do wonder what im missing, and why im missing it - defence mechanism, hangover from SL being work when i started in it rather than play? No idea! This so doesnt answer your question but just a vaguely aligned point of view for you Arabella
  7. Abby, Im recently back in SL and re-exploring so feel free to yell at me if you need someone to explore with or just sit and chat. Arabella/Zog
  8. Im a re-newbie as well so feel free to add me and say "hi" if you see me Arabella/Zog
  9. I think every date Ive ever been on in SL (4ish), I have gone sailing. Always seems so nice to cruise along admiring other people's land/builds, and it give me a chance to wear my rubber duckie wellies... However, given that ive been in SL for 4 years and averaged one date per year this may not be good advice! Z/A
  10. Keaira Karas wrote: Chloe, IM me inworld. I'll be happy to help you. And I can give you a job if you want. There are lots of jobs that are not xrated. Just IM Keaira Karas Chloe - and if Keaira isnt around feel free to IM me (Zog Ozsvar), Im always happy to help
  11. Venus Petrov wrote: @Zog: Nice to 'see' your avatar! I like the bar code tatt on your abdomen. @Venus - Thanks, the bar code was an old joke that we were all products on the Lindens shelf! xx
  12. Lovely indeed, but a definite shortage of men in shorts (or wetsuits or whatever) A/Z
  13. And mine from *Girlie* (with a rear view as I always rant on about shops not having them)
  14. Jessika Rang wrote: oki - couldn't resist showing off my new suit... remind you of anyone? Very foxy - where is it from?
  15. PurpleLightning147 wrote: Hi guys! I'd like to make some new friends! Anyone want to talk? Hi Purple, Im a re-newbie myself so welcome! A/Z
  16. Venus Petrov wrote: @Zog: The bikini in my photo is from Plastik. Each outfit comes with options so you can wear shorts, briefs, or thong on the bottom. You can cover as much or litte as you like. Venus is wearing the thong bottom. @Venus - Thanks, i looked at that one the other night but didnt realise it came with a variety of bottoms, or it didnt have rear views. Plea to swimwear designers - always include a rear view of your products as well as the traditional sultry front view! A/Z
  17. Marianne Little wrote: I'm curious, did you find any bikinis you like in Artilleri? was it too retro? Bit too retro for me, but Im still hunting! A/Z
  18. Storm Clarence wrote: OMZog - Good to see you posting after your introduction the other day. Im finding it hard going to navigate here, but im perservering! A/Z
  19. Anything that covers my bottom (see thread on bikinis in wanted section!) A/Z
  20. The company i worked for at the time was asked to develop a sim for a client in SL, and for some random reason I was selected to project manage it. The money flowed well for a year or so and then everyone who paid real money seemed to lose interest..... ..... but I didnt! A/Z
  21. I rediscovered a long forgotten liking for boho style skirts after Id found one I like in SL so perhaps! More commonly I try to find items in SL that I love in RL and can never do so - been looking for a Pucci print wraparound dress in SL for years to match my fave in RL and never found one, oh and hair that matches my RL colour. A/Z
  22. Im tall in real life and short in second life - thats life! I think I made my shape to fit my real height back then and never bothered to change it to fit in with the Amazon-esque style that was very much the defailt in those days. Building buildings is a pain in SL as they have to be over large to accomodate the camera, and the doors have to be huge to accomodate extra tall avatars - thats SLife! Why anyone would get weird over what height an avatar completely defies belief for me (this is not aimed at the original poster BTW, but their comment about others who do get weird!). A/Z
  23. Kerrigann wrote: Hey Zog, I'm a re-newbie too! Nice to meet another one! Welcome back then Kerrigann!
  24. Sonya, Give me a shout in-world, Im a re-newbie and keen to start exploring again. Would be fun with a fresh face A/Z
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