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  1. Brill, thanks **bleep**. Hadn't thought of that one
  2. Hi all, I've done all the searches I can think of, so thought I'd reach out in case someone here knows a shop. I'm looking for a simple black one piece mesh swimsuit that doesn't have too much up front in terms of moulded breasts. If you own one I'd love a pointer. Thanks X
  3. I'm a smb user and always up for a chat to swap clothing finds or fun places.
  4. I was trying for this look and found that none of the mesh avatars were suitable, even slink physique is quite full chested. My recommendation would be to stick with a standard shape, and then get a pink fuel skin that you link and add the tattoo layers they sell for small or even flat chested looks. I think you can demo skins and the addons from their store. If not im me in world and you can see me.
  5. Hi all I'm currently wearing a Pink Fuel skin with my default avatar, as they offer tattoo layers to reduce the shading around the breast area. However, I'd love to have a mesh body for occasional or even every day use. Does anyone have any recommendations for which mesh body and skin combo would be best to achieve an athletic, A cup kind of look? Thanks in advance Lucy
  6. Happy to start you off, it actually very easy but still my favourite thing to do in sl. Lucy
  7. Hey, I'm a teen and I guess pretty geeky since I'm on Sl! Anyway, catch me in world and we can explore or sail or shop. Lucy
  8. Hi OG I'm your age in sl and rl so look me up in world and we can hang. I'm not doing French but I can give philosophy a try! Lucybrit
  9. Look me up. I sail a lot, visit a few teen places, shop occasionally. Happy to do all with company. Lucy
  10. Victoria, I saw one recently. Message me in world to remind me and I'll dig out the landmark. Lucy
  11. All the blakes sea sins have a rez point in the ne or nw corner (can't remember which) Message me in world and I'll send you a landmark as an example
  12. Hi Orlah I'm from the UK too, also pretty new and a keen explorer. Feel free to look me up some evening. Lucy
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