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  1. I would like to adress a couple of the comments here: I used the example of hair, and yes, the main differece in common vs rare is the colours, but I also mentioned buildings, and this is different. Common items tend to be the decorations, but rare tend to be the actual buidings themselves, so that is why I need the rare! Reselling: I need to rent a spot at a market, which I am not interested in, simly because it costs even more money, and selling a no copy item (which gatchas usually are) requeres me to have a magic box, so I also need to rent land to have. A pain in the floppy parts!
  2. Once upon a time, gatchas were quirky, weird, cute, fun items you could win from a slot machine, and they still can be. But nowadays, more and more often I see gatchas filled with buildings, clothes, hair, and it is becoming annoying. If I want an item, I would like to be able to just buy it, not stand at a slot machine and feed it money like an idiot. I understand the rationale behind it for creators - I am sure they are making a fortune from the rares. But I think - just put the price up and let me buy the damn thing, don't make me stand there and try try try again and collect an inventory f
  3. 25L to enter and 100L to vote??? You must be joking, this is ridiculous! May the person with the most alts and disposable money win ...
  4. It's laughable that someone can suggest 'good customer service' consists of giving them 200L for a review. I am not surprised they didn't leave a review after this thinly disguised attempt to beg and then bribe someone for one.
  5. I have looked on blogs, in shops and I just cant seem to find it anywhere! https://slm-assets1.secondlife.com/assets/7001804/lightbox/ad05.jpg?1358670312
  6. Drama? Aren't you being a little over-sensitive? I am giving her some advice, and she can either take it or not. It's really nothing to do with you.
  7. ... says someone whose picture she took. Did you pay the dicounted price? All I am saying is, without more examples of her work to look at, people may not be persuaded to choose her. And if I enjoy what I do, my time is free. Not everybody wants to make this a business. I agree there are a lot of 'photographers' who charge more and offer less, but also a few that charge less and offer more
  8. If you want to build your portfolio, just ask beautiful people you meet if they would like to pose for you, for free. A lot of them will probbaly do it, and they may even use your picture in their profile, giving you more word of mouth exposure. You get a nice av to practice with, and after all, if your stream is filled with nice pics, people will be more likely to choose you when they want to actually pay. That's what I did, but to be honest, I am itching to work on pictures anyway, and I didn't mind doing it for free.
  9. Thank you for the list, Bree, but I was more interested in what residents thought were outstanding skins, rather than a complete list of skin shops
  10. Hi, I am looking to update my skin and I wondered what people thought they could recommend - I know a few 'good' skin shops, but I am always eager to learn about more, who knows, maybe there is a gem hidden away somewhere that just needs a little more exposure! So people, what skins can you recommend as being the 'best'? In terms of the best, I am interested in the most beautiful/sexy face, and beautiful sexy body. Of course, I am only looking for female skins (slap me for not mentioning this in my original post!) Any Ideas?
  11. I bought an outfit and I love it, but I would really love to wear the hair in the picture as well. I got no response from the seller, any ideas? https://d27fcql9yjk2c0.cloudfront.net/assets/4134117/view_large/vassnia%20antuanet%20forcella%20mean%20weasel%202.jpg?1314032555
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