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  1. Why would anyone want to drive there? Sims run terribly poor there, viewers run terribly poor there, disgusting porn everywhere (Yes a furry says this) and the roads are rather boring straights. Theres no nice sights to see, and no enjoyment driving there in the sea of lag.
  2. Thats also what High-Fidelity is too, and VRChat I do have the impression that most people want to live isolated, thats what changed about SL since its golden years, its not the platform thats changed, the people and the whole global mentality. Could blame all the smartphones for it, or blame whatever you want, things changed by whatever reason. People are like this in real life too, less social, more sheltered in their social media bubbles.
  3. I'd say do it like how trains do... have occasional double "rails" where opposing "trains" can wait for each... in terms of SL sims, just have multiple regions around where there is an island, to allow adequate bypass. other words, Maintain a 256m wide unobstructed passage everywhere. Do use openspace for passage, and homestead for islands. That should do it. and since the actual bare bones bridge would be a tiny bit less that 100 sims, you can round it up to 100 and use the extra for these passages and islands.
  4. Well about everyone teleporting around. In my RP places and among my friends i encourage actual traveling to places, SL has great engaging vehicles now that are fun to use, and most people have powerful enough hardware and internet to handle simcrossings without issues... MOST ... I still find occasional people on potatoes... anyway i digress. What i'm saying is, i encourage my circles to actually travel instead of teleport everywhere, because alot of people indeed do want to just teleport, i say things like the journey is more fun than the destination, and i usually end up right, it turns out into a nice adventure usually. I end up convincing people that traveling is more fun. Though occasionally there are some negative nancies who are reluctant even after the adventure, or they get the short end of the stick on a potato.
  5. The main problem isnt the vehicle getting stuck, its that once you hit a banline you usually get ejected from the vehicle, and the vehicle gets returned, either by SL quirk or land security. If you hit the banline just right so your avatar would be inside the parcel but the root of the vehicle has hit the banline, you get booted out, such as cars hitting a banline straight on, and etc. From the top you can bounce off like as when not seated, i bounced my airplane from the roof of banlines before, its fun. You get stuck as you describe if the root of the vehicle hits the banline but your avatar isnt in the banned parcel.
  6. You paid 10L to teleport to a telehub, like a fast travel. They stopped doing that around the time they opened the second cluster of continents and Jeogeot, made it so you can teleport anywhere and gave the residents the power to be their own estate managers, and buy private islands. Thats how i remember it at least. I miss those days, protected land actually mattered, everything was more simple, and all connected, no private islands
  7. I have made an efficient banline detector, peek in my marketplace store for it... >_> I'm also working on finding effective methods of finding orbs, i already managed to reliably detect one of them. Happens to blabber on channel 2222. I hope along with this movement we can also progress on orb detection methods, then we can arm ourselves with the huds that detect them.
  8. Those regions arent unused, its LL's sample template regions for when you buy a new estate, you can pick from a list which you want, they make your new sim and copy those templates in on it
  9. Actually, region crossings like that are possible but imagine the hell of it. You can simcross to regions that arent adjacent technically, that means you go off the edge, cross, and then your camera snaps to the new region thats elsewhere. However, adjacent regions you cross into have to "load" as in you connect to it as 'CHILD_AGENT' which means you see the sim but you arent in it. If you arent connected like that to the sim you are crossing into, you will fall out of grid, which you have probably experienced once or twice if you travel on mainland. So a crossing to like 50km away, good luck seeing that sim, it would have to run with the teleport code instead of simcrossings, and yes teleports and simcrossings are actually two different things. Even so Simcrossings existed before teleports were a thing in early SL. Glorified teleports and object teleports are more insane job to work into SL than making a path of regions, or even moving the continents, and i believe LL wont move the continents, that does damage alot of content, and needs alot of reshuffling of private sims in the way. and as to who pays for it, that can go both ways, community can fork out thousands of dollars, or LL can do it as an investment, thats about it.
  10. Yes well, and the landbarons that could afford it could care less because everything is perfectly fine, everyone is making money, lets not have nice things, in fact landbarons so badly dont care that they walk around in 2007 noob avatars and only login to milk money. They wont care, the actual users care, and actual users are usually not rich people, because rich people have better things to do than sit on Second Life. So in the end it's up for LL what they want with their world. Sure they can boast usermade world concept all they want, this project wont happen without their help, this is why this topic exists. Or unless someone wants to bite the bullet and buy 1 full sim, and 99 homesteads. Oh could also just put rentable islands together with a covenant about what it is for, and have residents pay for it that way
  11. LL puts multiple sims on one server core, even if they use homestead, they could easily put around 25 of them on one core, so a single server machine could run 100 sims easily, and the surge of new mainland residents would make up for it. Lucrative business move, with some risks involved. Why are they not doing it? They can afford risks i think. Also, I actually dreamed of this continent connection since many years, my home base is on Heterocera, and I feel like all the party is over at east, with Corsia/Blake/Nautilus/Satori landmass, I'd be a frequent user of such connection, so i wouldnt need to TP over during RPs, or pretend a boat ride by going to a specific spot then teleporting to another specific spot. I see no down sides to this business move except for the maintenance price of the extra regions.
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